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Thread: Life and times of OHB

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    Life and times of OHB

    Since it seems that OHB has owned more houseboats than years I have lived, I'd like to hear more about them. On the old forum he posted some pictures of his Kings Crafts. You mentioned that you had owned a few Pluckebaums as well. What were the details on those? What was your first houseboat? Did you ever have any "Oh Crap" moments?

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    Administrator Zilpo55's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Lake Cumberland, KY
    OHB was a longtime participant of this forum, but I see he hasn't been active since September of 2017. Maybe somebody knows his status?

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    Dec 2006
    Pensacola, Florida
    Yes OHB, Rod was an original on here, and also a moderator. I last spoke to him in Jan of 2019. A few years ago, his wife passed, they were living in Orange Beach, AL at the time. When I spoke to him, he advised that he has a new wife, and is living in Jacksonville, FL. AS Pirate had also passed at this time, he stated he was done with boating, and staying away from this forum, in his new life. He was a great asset to this forum with his life-long knowledge of Houseboats.

    Thank you for all you contributed OHB.

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