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Thread: Houseboat Transport

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    Jul 2020

    Houseboat Transport

    We're getting ready to upgrade to a larger Houseboat with no options at our current location that fit. We've found a couple we'd like to move on and have done quite a bit of research on companies that handle houseboat transport. Curious if anyone here has any experience they could share. Both recommending a company for transport and general input to watch/plan for. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum! I do not have personal experience with transporting a boat, but we have house boated on Lake Cumberland (the houseboat capital of the world) for 9 seasons. Two major movers of boats I've seen are:

    Southern Lakes Marine Transport, who purchased Dreams In Motion Moving in 2017

    Article about them in Houseboat Magazine, January 2017

    California Houseboat Services (located in Kentucky)

    I've seen both of these move very large boats to and from our lake. Also, most of the manufacturers like Trifecta offer moving services. You might check them out, too.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Jul 2020
    Thanks Zilpo55. I have read that article. The new name with the new owners wasn't as clear. Thanks for the information. The boat I'm looking to buy is a 50' Gibson - I did contact them about transport options; which they did share.

    Happy Boating folks. Keep safe over the Holiday weekend.
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    LiveAboard Where you live might help. Yours is not a large boat and there are many independent movers out there.

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