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Thread: Chrysler Drive 90 (Dana) Clutch Question

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    Chrysler Drive 90 (Dana) Clutch Question

    I understand the operation of this clutch, but I'm needing to know when the clutch is supposed to be engaged. Is it engaged whenever the boat is running but in neutral? Does in engage briefly when shifting from Neutral into FORWARD or REVERSE

    All of the wiring has been removed so I have nothing to go on. The solenoid is connected. The pump, linkage, clutch, etc... everything in the back of the boat is connected, but the wire that powers the solenoid terminates under the helm. The gear control seems to have a switch built into it with several taps, but I'm not sure what I should be hooking up.

    This is in a 1971 Gibson with a Chrysler LM318 engine

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    I've always been a Mercruiser guy, so I don't have any answers. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Keep checking back, because there are longtime boaters on here that don't check in very often.

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    My understanding is when shifting from Neutral into FORWARD or REVERSE

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