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Thread: Electrocution Deaths at Lake Pleasant

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    Electrocution Deaths at Lake Pleasant

    "Electrical safety features were bypassed ..."

    Tragic death of two brothers at Lake Pleasant in Arizona. I worry about this all the time when I see unqualified people work on electrical systems on their boat. The section of the dock where our houseboat is located has brand new wiring and state-of-the-art GFCI protection, but marina management often bypasses it when a new slip renter arrives with problems. I would be fine with giving the boat owners a week or two to correct the problem, but management never follows up.

    Boat of brothers who died at Lake Pleasant had electrical issues, MCSO says

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    Shame this happens every few years. Good heads up on the bypassing of protection. I'm going to check our dock

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    I had to investigate one at a Jet Ski lift. The electrical wiring got pinched as it was lifting the boat, the family of the father was watching in the backyard, the father was in the water, next to the lift and was thrashing around, and died. No one administered CPR, as no one knew how. If they would have only started pumping on his chest, he would have lived.

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