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Thread: Beaching boat

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    Beaching boat

    Good day, my family and I are looking to get into house boating. We live in canada and really only have 3 or 4 months of good summer weather. We looked at a boat 46ft three buoys boat. The problem we have is the marina in our area is full. Where we live is quite windy alot of the days and some very windy. Is leaving it pulled up to shore unattended a bad idea? There are a few small, not well protected bays in our area. Thank you in advance.

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    Leaving a boat beached unattended sounds like a really bad idea. In fact, it is not allowed even short term on the inland lake where we boat. The US Army Corps of Engineers controls all 1200 miles of the shoreline, and will quickly remove the boat and fine the owner. I would not consider this, unless you could contract with a property owner who owns the piece of shoreline.

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    I also agree, I would not leave a boat unattended on a beach. Maybe a mooring might work in your area. We have a few areas where people will moor a boat. Of course, you need a very large anchor, on a stainless steel oversized chain, on a large mooring ball.

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