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Thread: Bathroom exhaust fan

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    Senior Member Endurance's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Lake Powell, Utah

    Bathroom exhaust fan

    My current bath fans exhaust through the roof, which kind of takes up a lot of valuable upper deck space. Has anyone seen a bathroom exhaust fan that is more like a residential fan that I can exhaust through the side wall?

    I have about 4 inches of height in the roof joist so it can't be too tall.

    I have 110 volts available on the boat, but would rather run the fan at 12 volts for efficiency and to use the existing 12v wall switch and in-wall wiring.

    If worse comes to worse, I could build my own with computer cooling fans. Still an off the shelf fan would be a lot easier.

    Does anyone have experience buying or building a bathroom exhaust fan?

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    Administrator Zilpo55's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Lake Cumberland, KY
    Our friends' 2004 Sumerset has household style exhaust fans that vent through the side. I'm almost sure they are 120V. The external vents come out the wall very near the roof line.

    We are having our ceilings replaced this fall, and I am going to try and install fans this same way while things are pulled apart.

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    Nov 2016
    Funny you mentioned the Computer Cooling fans.... as a stop gap for now, this is exactly what I put in. I have a small RV style window in the bathroom that you crank out, and the opening is exactly the size of a computer fan. I have a power cable that I wired up to it where I simply plug into the wall when it's needed. Helps with Moisture and smells for sure for now...

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    Senior Member Stmbtwle's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    Ruskin, Florida
    I think the computer fan is a good idea. An off the shelf dryer vent would make an easy to install outlet.
    She's a tired old barge but she's paid for!

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    Aug 2021
    Computer fans? Wow. I've been using small RV style window too.

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