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Thread: One motor not exhausting thru hub.

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    Jul 2012

    One motor not exhausting thru hub.

    1974 Lazy Days with twin mercruiser 302's 255hp. Port engine runs warm/hot no "exhaust" thru hub. Require 93 octane min.,
    New impeller installed port engine.
    Question is why is port engine running hot and why is there no exhaust out of hub?? See pic.

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    Jul 2012
    Pacific Northwest
    Sounds like the exhaust is plugged. There is a valve in the exhaust just where the riser enters the exhaust tube. It's there to prevent water from back flowing into the manifold. It's called a shutter. They wear out and sometimes get eaten by the exhaust stream. Mine did. Mine is a much smaller engine but same issue.
    Peter D. EIkenberry
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