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Thread: Ham'n it up on the water (and I don't mean PIG)

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    Ham'n it up on the water (and I don't mean PIG)

    How many House Boaters are Amateur Radio Operators (Ham Radio)?
    Do you have stations on your boats?
    Can you show pictures of them?
    What type of antennas work best for HF and how do you have them mounted?
    Do you have a lot of RFI from boat systems or do you cause problems with those systems when you transmit?
    Do you have any valuable advice to a newbee trying to include Ham Radio on a House Boat?

    Okay, this is why I asked: Was having a QSO with an English Amateur Radio Operator and he said that he was going to be buying a Canal Boat and was researching how he was going to add Ham Gear to it. I said I would also check over here and see if anyone was doing that on an American House Boat and see if they had any ideas of what NOT to do or Do.

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    I have never seen one on a boat, of any kind.
    I am sure there must be some, some where.

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