Greetings form Laramie, WY and Snyder, TX! I got silly and bought a 1966 River Queen last year online. She resides in Snyder currently and I will be back down there to get to work on her in a coupe of weeks When I bought her from the pics I saw I just figured a complete removal of the cabin structure and rebuild it all. However once we got her home just before Winter hit we realized it isn't as bad as we had originally thought. Now we are thinking fix a wall and put on a new roof and the rest will be simply cleaning, sanding and painting. The interior stuff like galley and bunks and all are in decent shape really luckily to it being in a very dry climate over the years. Anyhow, feel free to join us in the River Queen Houseboat Owners Group and follow along with our progress and we will also be posting updates here on this great forum.