Hello everyone:
Just got in here and was hoping to connect with an awesome store of knowledge and wisdom about old houseboats. Mine is a 1970 Burns Craft 44' Glass hull with twin Chrysler 318's and the Dana 60 (Chrysler Drive 90) outdrives. I have just rebuilt both outdrives with new bearings and seals. We have one cracked engine awaiting replacement, and the other is getting close to starting. Problem is...they had just set both engines in and never hooked them up. So...here is my first question:

I see both engines had water pumps (that I will overhaul) and they both had power steering pumps. No lines that I can find go to these pumps, and I don't see a place for additional lines hooking up to the two hoses coming from the helm (and the flying bridge).
Is there something else missing...or do these PS pumps do something else?
Thanks for your assistance as we try to resurrect this beautiful old boat.
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