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Thread: how much do I weigh? where can I go? what the H*ll am I doing?

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    Apr 2021

    how much do I weigh? where can I go? what the H*ll am I doing?

    just joined this fantastic resource, so howdy all! I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a 60 foot houseboat, aluminum hull, twin I/O's. I need a marina that'll welcome me with open arms and shower me with gifts and love. OK, OK, I'll settle for a decent marina that can handle the weight and provide an area to keep it for some cleanup work until ready to re-splash her. I'll need to go on the hard right away to clean and paint the exterior and have some work done on the outdrives. I'm living with someone in Deland, FL for now and will be commuting to the boat daily to work on her. Searching the Sanford and Deland areas with no luck so far. The boat is currently afloat in the St. Johns River, so I'm hoping to find a place along said river for obvious reasons. QUESTION- Any ideas on how to locate the gross weight? Not mine, the BOAT'S! No owner's manual that I know of. Owner is clueless. Would it be on his registration docs? 1992 Lakeview 60x15, twin 4.3 liter engines and a 12.5 kw generator. Does not have any type of shade/roof structure over the upper party deck. Any advice or recommendations will be rewarded with a great big THANK YOU, and a 12-pack of ice cold beer of your choosing.

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    Based on moving several houseboats over the years, I would guess you are around 40,000 lbs.

    The only marina on the St John's River that will allow DYI repairs is Green Cove Springs Marina.

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    Been many years since I was on the St. John, I was going to refer you to Monty Murphy at Dock Holiday Boat Rentals and Sales, once a huge dealer in Houseboats.
    But, I see Monty is no longer with us, and the biz is closed.

    Sure is a nice river to boat on, many years ago, my brother and I rented a pair of 44' Gibsons from Monty and went to Deland and back over 7 days.
    When I got home from that trip, I bought a Gibson in Tennessee and brought it home to Pensacola

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    Welcome to the forum, Kendog. Will you tell us more about your boat? Make, model, age? I haven't boated in Florida, so I don't have info to offer. But please share progress on your boat upgrades. Enjoy!

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    I boat out of Deland. Either Hontoon and Holly Bluff.I have kept a boat at every marina from Highbanks to Sanford boat works. I’d say try Sanford Boatworks first, then Monroe marina in Sanford. Port of Sanford has a small haul out unit so would not think they could lift your boat. Highbanks has no facilities at all. You probably know more about the 2 marinas at DeLand than I do. And there’s 2 or three more marina’s downstream toward and at Astor, Fl. Good Luck and see you on the river!

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