I've heard longtime boaters predict for several years that there would be a shortage of good used mid-price houseboats, and apparently that day has come. My personal definition of mid-priced would be $100K to $275K, but that is open to debate. I don't think you could order a new houseboat for under $450K.

Examples at my marina in 2021 to date: A fellow decided to sell after the death of his wife. A broker/friend made one call and sold the boat in a day (at a sizable profit), then sold the buyers' old boat within the next 2 days. Two of my close dock neighbors decided to take advantage of the market and both sold their boats in about a week. My friend who is a broker has a list of people who are looking and he simply starts making calls when a new listing hits. The boats never make it to a website.

We bought our houseboat at the end of the recession and the insured value is based on the purchase price. There is no way we could replace our boat for what it is insured for. This is yet another "bubble". I wonder how long it will last.