Hey, ahoy there! I retired to Florida in Ď93 I have been boating, some off shore, some lakes, some rivers. Some sailing, some motor boating, some house boating. I have a daughter who moved to Chattanooga. I would like to get a houseboat to live on and travel to Chattanooga to visit. I would be leaving Sanford,Fl. On the St Johnís river, up to Jacksonville down to Miami via the ICW across the Florida bay To KW up the west coast to Mobile, up the canal and river system to Chattanooga then back. My question this what would be the most stable hull configuration for this trip? I canít imagine that a flat bottom style could possibly be safe. Iíll be on everything from river to off shore slightly off the keys. Any help will be helpful. As for qualifications I have a retired Coast Guard Captains ticket (retired) 100 ton offshore, and have sailed the Atlantic,Pacific, Caribbean, Gulf, Lake Michigan, and the China sea. However
Iíve not used a houseboat except inland rivers. Help!