After much thought, the time has come to shut down this forum. Activity has been almost nil in the past two years as faithful users have moved on to other platforms.... or simply moved on. There was a wealth of boating information shared on this site and it will remain available for future reference. New posting and joining have been disabled.

I would like to give a salute to the group of "old timers" who made this forum interesting and valuable over the years. Starting with Pirate back in 1996, other top contributors include Old Houseboater, Stmbtwle, BananaTom, AlreadyGone, Amelia, and EastTNBoater just to name a few. I still enjoy going back and reading some of their threads. Special thanks to Pirate who administered the forum for many years.

Thank you to Houseboat Magazine for providing this forum over the years. Good luck and happy boating!