My wife and I are getting ready to purchase a Kingscraft Houseboat and I am hoping to connect with other Kingscraft owners. I will post the particulars on our boat as soon as we close the deal (should be within two weeks) and I hope you will consider saying hello here.

I have done a fair amount of research on Kingscraft and had decided this is the boat I wanted. We talked to folks all over the midwest about their boats for sale and were pursuing only Kingscraft. The all aluminum construction was what sold me, but then I began to really appreciate the classic lines of these vintage boats. My budget dictated an older boat but I wanted something lasting and my wife wanted something pretty. I think we are both going to be happy.

I am very interested in any mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing drawings there are on Kingscraft. Original manufacturer or custom drawn. I hope to document any work I do and share it here.

Wish us luck on this endeavor and I hope to see you here soon!

KC55, The Admiral (My Wife), and 1st Mate (our 9lb Maltipoo)