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I'm curious about your replacement windows. Are these self-contained units with their own frames or will they use the sliding channels of the existing windows? If they are self contained, are they made to fit the existing openings? I would love to see what these look like after installation...
They are self contained to their own frame. They will be just like your fixed window in the rear but will still function as sliders like the current windows. They will slide into the middle from both sides. I am replacing the front windows with fixed windows. Both windows have cracks in them and look ghetto. I am leaving the rear sliding window as we haven't had leaking once we kept it clean and cleared the drains. When talking with the guy at Motion Windows he recommended what you did to stop the leak. We use the back window a lot for getting in and out of the boat so we don't have to shuffle down the side. We currently have a canvas that covers the back window with a track above it. I think that if put a waterproof liner on the inside of the canvas we would have no leak. The question I have for you, does the drainage track run all the way across the bottom window sill? Or is it just where the holes in the window frame are? I would like to add a couple more drainage holes in the frame so it will drain quicker through the holes in the cabin.