Yep, still chugging along

I have been horrible about keeping up with our progress. The upper cabinets are finished and the base cabinets are installed. My wife just finished sanding the base cabinet face frames and staining the doors. I haven't built the drawers yet. The ceilings in the galley/dining area are done as well as the lighting in that area. In case I didn't mention it, almost all of the lighting is 12VDC led. There is luan down in the galley awaiting vinyl plank flooring. The side walls in the salon are finished as well as 90 percent of the salon ceiling. I have some electrical/control/lighting left to do before closing up the rest of the ceiling. It is nice seeing very little green insulation. Everything was green for a long time, way too long.

The walls in the salon are pine bead board. The walls in the galley/dining area are either maple or painted wood paneling (white). I learned a beginners lesson, do not use cheap paneling. We really got it for the looks, but humidity is not kind to pressed wood products. I feel sheepish admitting this mistake. I have torn out most of the paneling and replaced it. It feels real warm and fuzzy paying for and installing paneling and then tearing it out and paying for new. Not to mention double the labor. At least I had some sweet templates The walls aren't warped now.

Tons of wiring have been completed. Marine rated wiring is expensive. I plan on ordering new battery cabling this week. June 1st is the target day for beginning seaworthiness work. Complete all control wiring, tune engines, test all bilges, blowers, and genny, etc. I've got a few connections in the flybridge for the steering left to do (all of them). I'm converting the flybridge to a quick disconnect system. I probably won't need it very often, but it will be a real nice feature when done.

One other quick update. I had purchased a composting toilet a while back and have used it over some months. I think it is great. Very little work involved, no odor and I can move it about. That may not sound important or interesting, but during construction, it has made the head a good workstation. I slip the toilet in the shower area (still usable) and the entire floor in front of the vanity is usable. I plan on leaving the toilet in the shower except for showers. It's called a C Head. Clever name, great product, nice company.

Best wishes,