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Thread: Another one bites the dust: Sharpe Houseboats

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    Another one bites the dust: Sharpe Houseboats

    I just heard this news over the weekend. They had an absolute auction on September 20th. I hate to hear it.

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    I was told there were 3 guys that formed Sharpe. The main guy, by the last name of Sharpe, had 2 investors that helped support the business financially. The 2 investors decided they wanted to divest and do something else with their money. Sharpe could have reapplied for working capital loans himself, but decided at his age he didn't want to go-it-alone and they all just decided to close down the business. So, I don't believe that they went bankrupt with creditors knocking down the doors or anything like that. It is sad none-the-less.

    Not too many manufacturers out there anymore. I think this website needs to update their directory with companies that are still in business. I'm sure the list is a lot shorter now!
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    Sad. I have known Jim Sharpe since the mid 90's. Great Guy. Great boat builder (And I don't often say that about houseboat builders) But owners of Sharpe houseboats shouldn't worry. I am willing to bet he'll be back. That's the kind of guy he is.
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    It’s really great posts.
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