Pulling my boat out of the water in the next couple of days.

I have always had a small leak somewhere in the starboard transom assembly. I blew an impeller a couple of weeks ago. When I took off all of the rubber exhaust couplers, I found out where it was. When the pressure created by the connection was taken away, I found out that the exhaust Y tube is loose where it bolts to the transom assembly. What was a cup or so of water a week became about a half a gallon a minute. I put it all back together and was able to tighten the bottom two bolts. The leak is back to a cup a week. But, now that I know where it is, I am getting it taken care of. The problem is that the motor has to be pulled in order to remove the Y tube and replace the O ring.

This will be several boating units worth of cash for a two dollar O ring.