Houseboat Ownership
  • From Start To Finish

    Although the Kennedy family has owned houseboats before, this is the first time they’ve ever custom built one from start to finish. In the end they’re getting exactly what they wanted—a completely customized Bravada houseboat.

  • The Best Getaway

    Jim Loveland and the rest of his family love Lake Powell’s charms and it’s become one of their favorite family vacation spots to enjoy their Adonia houseboat.

  • Name That Houseboat!

    Naming your houseboat gives your most prized possession a personality of its own and helps make it a part of the family.

  • From Boards to Boat

    Down in Jacksonville, Florida, a housing contractor was about to get the biggest birthday surprise of his life. 34-year-old Aaron Leon was on his way to a skiing trip to celebrate his birthday, when he passed a broken-down mess of a houseboat.

  • Southern Hospitality

    Not far from the main part of the lake at the Mermentaw River campground in Louisiana is Jeff LeBlanc, relaxing on his 45-foot Destination Yacht.

  • Hope And Opportunity

    The 89-foot Majestic houseboat C.C. Man III splashed across the cover of Houseboat’s March 2003 issue. Then 15 years later the same boat, now monikered Hope and Opportunity is a symbol of peace and sobriety for its newest owner, Chad Jansen.

  • Ecological Houseboats

    If you’re looking for a houseboat manufacturer that specializes in ecological houseboats that hare built for extreme weather, then you’ll want to check out Houseboat Villa.

Houseboat Vacations
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    Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

    Here are the top 12 most common mistakes new and experienced boaters should be aware of.

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    Finding Your Next Adventure

    Our Houseboat Rental & Marina Guide offers a launchpad in your search for the perfect marina or houseboat rental company so you don’t have to start from scratch.

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    Join the Family

    If you’re planning to take your next houseboat rental vacation at the beautiful Hendricks Creek Resort on Dale Hollow Lake in Burkesville, Ky., chances are you’re probably going to get a hug.

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    Your Next Family Getaway

    If you want an elevated experience that goes even beyond the norm, Jones Valley Resort offers something more than your average houseboat rental agency, and it’s located in a prime spot for some amazing experiences.

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    Operating a Houseboat and Other Tips

    Once you learn the ropes in houseboat operation, it's all smooth sailing.

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    Packing for Your First Houseboat Stay

    To help you keep your mind free for planning your adventure, we’ve brought you our top ideas on packing for your houseboat stay.

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    A True Slice Of Heaven

    Nestled in the aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean is the nautical paradise, Angler House Marina.

Houseboat Lifestyle
  • Why Houseboating Relieves Stress

    Houseboating reduces stress and helps your relax. Who knew?

  • A Stroll Down Houseboat Row

    "I recently took a stroll down a row of vintage houseboats, but in reality it felt more like a stroll down memory lane."

  • Houseboating's Healthcare Reform

    We can make everyone healthier by giving them a houseboat vacation.

  • Baby On Board

    Baby-proofing a houseboat is no small matter, as Forrest and Kayleigh Packebush can tell you.

  • The Gift of Houseboating

    There’s something about houseboating that insists, practically and emotionally, that it be done in the company of others. It’s a shared adventure.

  • Kids On Board

    When you live on your houseboat with family, life gets richer for Mom, Dad and the kids. No matter where you are, life must go on. That means chores and, of course, education.

  • In Search of Silence

    "Thanks to Wahweap Marina, I felt some of that regenerative golden energy as I experienced some of the secrets that Lake Powell offers."