Koden Introduces New Multi-Function Intelligent Display System

October 2021 News

Marine electronics leader Koden has introduced its new KM-1100 and KM 1210 Multi-Function Intelligent Display Systems engineered to bring professional-grade navigation and data management networking to a range of commercial and recreational vessels. This new MFD Series made its world debut at the 2021 National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Conference in September.

This new-for-2022 system is the first MFD from Koden, and will be initially offered with a 10.4-inch display  (KM-1100) and 21.5-inch display (KM-1210). Both offer a feature-rich Android operating system and an  advanced non-air-gap, multi-point capacitive touch screen for superior viewing from any angle and  unprecedented finger tip control of navigation and networking features. 

In the Koden tradition, this new MFD Series is packed with professional navigation features, including a  built-in AIS transceiver with AIS targets overlaid onto charts, variable range rings for dynamic tracking, and  selectable AIS output power selection of 2W or SODTMA 5W. The system’s Intelligent AIS Group  Management helps operators perform real-time monitoring of Course Over Ground, Speed Over Ground,  Heading, distance moved and other dynamic information by groups. 

The KM-1100 and KM-1210 support a variety of electronic chart platforms, including S-57, S-63 ENC  Charts and C-MAP MAX to meet the needs of different professional and recreational users. The system  also makes it easy to overlay satellite images and user layers onto the charts, providing additional critical  data and a three-dimensional presentation.

Additional professional-grade features include the ability to overlay speed limit areas and speed limit  values through the MFD’s management platform, providing reminders and alarms when navigating through  restricted zones. It also has the ability to monitor and manage critical data like fuel consumption, engine  speed, engine oil temperature and other energy consumption data. By uploading this data to the system’s  management platform over the network, operators can monitor a range of critical components while at sea. 

Designed for advanced integration and network updating on today’s vessels, the KM-1100 and KM-1210 offer built-in interfacing capabilities over NMEA-2000, NMEA-0183, Ethernet, USB, WI-FI, Bluetooth and  cellular. The system also supports two camera inputs for onboard and engine room monitoring.  

Koden’s new MFD is also engineered to control advanced Koden Black Box Sonar, Sounder and Radar  modules for a truly comprehensive, all-in-one system that will meet the needs of the most demanding  vessels and fishing boats. These units provide excellent user data memory limits, including 1.6 million  track points, 100,000 waypoints, 150,000 marks and 10 MOB plots. 

With all this information and all these capabilities at the hands of navigators, it was critical for Koden to  develop an intuitive and easy-to-operate system. The menu systems are well organized and intuitive,  supported by a highly configurable main chart screen. A range of configurable data displays, including  Sailing Data, AIS Radar, Plot Data and Dashboard, are easy to configure based on operator need. The  KM-1100/KM-1210’s powerful processor and advanced control system delivers fast and seamless chart  zooming and scrolling via the scroll knob or finger touch.  

This advanced new MFD system from Koden will be available in North America solely through SI-TEX  Marine Electronics and its network of authorized retailers. The KM-1100 will start at $1,699 and the  KM-1210 will carry a starting price of $3,699. To learn more, contact SI-TEX Marine Electronics at  (631) 996-2690 or visit www.si-tex.com.

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