Dometic introduces Voyager series TX variable capacity air conditioning

October 2021 Web Exclusive

New Dometic Voyager Series TX features innovative variable capacity design that regulates compressor speed based on individual vessel needs.  The new series targets smaller vessels with self-contained DX cooling technology. The variable capacity feature makes vessel occupants enjoy enhanced comfort and quieter operation, along with reduced energy costs and greater system durability.

Dometic Marine unveiled its innovative Voyager Series TX Variable Capacity Self Contained Air Conditioning system today at the 2021 International Boat Builder Exposition & Conference (IBEX) in Tampa, Florida. This new system provides superior comfort for today’s yachts while reducing energy costs, operating noise and required repairs and maintenance.

The Voyager Series TX accomplishes this by regulating its compressor speed based on the cooling or heating demands of the vessel.  When the vessel has reached an operator-set comfort point, the compressor will then run at reduced speed.  This results in quieter operation, superior efficiency, improved dehumidification of interior spaces and more consistent temperature for enhanced crew comfort.

The TX also offers a Sleep Mode that allows for a quiet and uninterrupted nights sleep when aboard, something all passengers and crew can appreciate.

By utilizing a variable speed compressor (instead of a fixed speed one), the Voyager Series TX provides vessel owners with substantial energy cost savings.   Extensive Dometic testing has shown that replacing existing systems with Dometic’s Voyager Series TX can net as much as 40% reduction in amperage. (own comparison)  

The Voyager Series TX also offers an ECO Mode function that allows the operator to manually lower compressor capacity to limit amperage draw — preventing system shutdown when a vessel is in limited power situations.

Dometic’s Voyager Series TX offers another important advantage for vessel owners. Longer sustained run cycles reduce wear and tear on the unit, when compared to the repeated start/stop operation of traditional units. This can help reduce repair costs and troublesome downtime — something no boater wants during the heat of the boating season.

The Voyager Series TX well-thought-out design includes a robust titanium condenser, an electronic expansion valve for precise control, a removable electric box that can be remote mounted, and a compact overall size for versatile installation and retrofits aboard a wide variety of vessels.  Dometic has also combined the control/inverter into a single, space-efficient design for easier and more versatile installation.

Two size options are available to meet a wide range of onboard cooling and heating needs from 3,500BTU to 18,000BTU.

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