METSTRADE 2021: ACR Bivy Stick Satellite Communication Device and App

December 2021 News

Now available from safety and survival specialist ACR Electronics, the ACR Bivy Stick two-way satellite messenger and app is the world’s smallest and most simple satellite communication device.

The new ACR Bivy Stick offers boaters an innovative and affordable option for sending SMS messages, tracking and sharing location information, accessing GPS maps, viewing live weather forecasts and initiating a distress call in an emergency.

Providing a convenient, subscription-based solution, the easy-to-use ACR device weighs just 100g and works with a user’s smartphone, offering an efficient way to communicate and keep loved ones updated when out on the water.

Anyone using the ACR Bivy Stick can also be reassured they have the back-up of the high-quality customer support network of renowned technology specialist ACR Electronics, a supplier of ground-breaking emergency beacons and life-saving equipment for over 60 years.

The device can be used in conjunction with the full-featured ACR Bivy app, which identifies and collates the crowd sourced details and locations of voyages and adventures experienced by the growing Bivy community.

Working anywhere with a view of the sky with 100 percent global satellite coverage, the 4.5 x 1.8-inch ACR Bivy Stick is ideal for a range of boaters, whether day sailing or ocean cruising, as well as all kayakers, paddlers and outdoor adventurers. It features a high-power antenna for reliable connectivity and frequent use, with two-way text satellite communication enabling the user to send text messages to phone numbers or email addresses, as well as share and track location.

Designed to provide the full range of benefits when paired with a smartphone, it also includes a dedicated check-in button for updating friends and family with a preset message at a specific location. There is an SOS button to contact rescue services in an emergency, with SOS also available through the app. As a free option, ACR Bivy members are provided with the communication to Global Rescue, an industry leader, providing 24/7/365 medical, security, evacuation, travel risk and crisis management services to travelers around the world. ACR Bivy members in need of help in an emergency can reach Global Rescue through their device and receive assistance or evacuation. Users can sign up for Global Rescue insurance to cover any associated costs.

The ACR Bivy Stick offers a more flexible pricing structure than similar products, allowing users to pay for only the months they use the device, with no annual contract or activation fee required. The easiest option is an unlimited fee of $49.99 per month. There are also two different Credit plans: 20 Credits for $18 per month or 100 Credits for $40 per month. The Credits do not expire, so they can be saved for times of high outdoor activity. One Credit is the equivalent to one SMS message, one tracking interval, one location request, or one basic weather report, while SOS and preset messages are unlimited.

The ACR Bivy Stick is available for a retail price of $349.95.

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