Writing a Product Description for Your Houseboat

March 2019 Feature By Leona Henryson Web Exclusive

The way you market your houseboat is one of the key elements in the sales process. Just think, if you can’t get people interested enough to take a look at what you are offering, how could you ever sell it? In order to intrigue the readers of your ad, you need to write a great product description.

No one wants to read a bland product description that doesn’t give them the details. Compelling product descriptions can do you half of the job by getting potential buyers to meet you and see your houseboat. The following tips will help you pay attention to some crucial aspects of a product description that actually sells.

Put Yourself in the Buyers’ Shoes

The best way to write an effective ad that will interest the readers is to think like a buyer.

Stop for a second and think about what you would like to see and read if you were browsing for a houseboat. Think about all the information that you would find necessary.

The more you understand what a buyer finds interesting and relevant, the better will you hit the note and get them interested.

If you solely write your product description from the seller’s state of mind, you may omit some crucial information or over-do the ad with unnecessary adjectives.

Include All Relevant Information

It is highly important that you include all the necessary information about your houseboat in the ad. Sometimes people don’t feel like calling and when they see a partially described product they just give up on it instantly.

Some of the information you should include is:

  • Cruising or non-cruising houseboat
  • Number of rooms (plus specifying which)
  • Furnished or non-furnished
  • Source of power
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Length
  • Engine type, size, and hours
  • Electronics
  • Price

These are just some of the basic specifics. If there is anything you feel like the buyer should know, add it.

Highlight the Experience

The best way to sell any product is to make the buyers imagine they’re already using it.

By depicting an image of how will they feel once they buy this houseboat, you will play on their emotions. Research on advertising shows that the emotional response to an ad influences consumers’ intention to buy much greater than the ad’s content itself.

Think about what made you fall in love with that houseboat when you first bought it.

Explain how they will feel once you hand them the keys of their own houseboat.

Don’t over-do it and exaggerate. Adding a little “just image waking up and being surrounded by sounds of water and feeling of peace” will do the trick.

Pay Attention to the Writing

Most sellers mostly focus on what they are writing and less on how the description is written. That is the wrong approach.

People like well-written copies even when they are reading a houseboat description.

It is crucial that you proofread and edit what you have written before you publish the ad. You can even use free online services such as Write Load and HemingwayApp.

Don’t forget that it is not enough just to pay attention to spelling and grammar mistakes. In addition, you should focus on whether you need to change some sentences to make the content more comprehensible.

If you get stuck at some point you can always get a writing service to help you out. Some of the best ones are Flashessay.com, Online writers rating, and Essaysupply

It is better to invest in the writing than to publish a poorly written description which won’t be able to help you to sell the product.

Be Honest

Describing the feeling that buyers will get once they own your houseboat is one thing, but including untruthful statements is another.

You should NEVER lie in your product description.

Rayan Greene, a creative writer at Resumescentre shares: “Even if the houseboat has faults, you need to be honest about it. Including the houseboat’s flaws lets the buyer know that you aren’t trying to hide anything and that you plan to be truthful from the very start.”

Having a reliable seller on their side is what most of the buyers appreciate and find to be a big plus.

Nothing is perfect and the buyers are aware of that. No one likes it when an ad misrepresents the houseboat.

The key is how you explain the “faults”. For example, let’s say that the bedroom is pretty small. This is how you should approach it:

Do: The bedroom is on the smaller side but that allows more space for a lovely deck. You can even add: Who would want to spend a lot of time inside when you have gorgeous scenery just outside your door.

Don’t: The bedroom is very small.

All in all, when you are explaining the downsides, add something that will still convince the buyers that that will not be a deal breaker.

Over to You

Writing a great product copy takes time, though, and buyer psychology, but it is worth the effort. We are all aware of how a great product description gets us thinking that we need that product. The same applies to houseboat ads.

With these effective tips, you’ll be able to paint the best picture of your houseboat and be genuine at the same time. Play your cards right and you’ll sell your houseboat in no time!

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