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September 29, 2014

What Does Trifecta Ventures Mean For You?

When we got word about a new houseboating company that had been established, it was time for celebration.
September 25, 2014
Austa Cook
Web Exclusive

7 Sea-Themed Lighting Ideas

The right touch of light can soften a room’s glow and invite a cozier, more luxuriant atmosphere to any houseboat. Gild the shadows with these gorgeous sea life lighting ideas available at
September 23, 2014
Web Exclusive

Dream the Impossible Dream

September 18, 2014
Austa Cook
Web Exclusive

Fight the Hungry Bear

What’s one of the most stressful things at home? Cooking for everyone. What’s one of the most stressful things on a houseboat? Cooking for everyone. And yet what does everyone love while kicking back on vacation? Eating, eating, and more eating!
September 16, 2014
Austa Cook
Web Exclusive

5 Gift Ideas for Your Houseboater

Does your sweetheart have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Or maybe a special surprise is in order for someone you love? Here are five houseboating gift ideas collected from West Marine to make the day special for the boater in your life!
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