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October 13, 2015
Houseboater of the Week
Web Exclusive

A Homemade Houseboat!

If you walk around a few docks, you’ll inevitably run into some houseboats that have had renovation or restoration work. But have you ever run across a homemade houseboat?
October 13, 2015
Web Exclusive

New Iridescent Sport Watch Makes a Splash

The moment you see the Ionic Poseidon Watch, you'll know you've never seen anything like it. That's because nothing else like it exists.
October 12, 2015
By Brady L. Kay

A Four-legged Smoke Alarm

It seems some houseboaters will forget their own kids before accidentally leaving behind the beloved family dog when heading out for a day on the water.
October 09, 2015
Andie Race

Heaven On Earth Hotspot For Houseboaters

Turning off Highway 56 in Silver Point, Tenn., and following the narrow, winding road, it’s easy to forget you’re just an hour away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Nashville.
October 08, 2015

No More Spills!

Your typical macerator will allow waste spills while you’re performing maintenance, but with Raritan's macerator pump with wastewater valve those days are at an end.
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