New Dometic Tank Monitors Offer Reliability, Versatility

October 2007 News

For boats with wastewater, freshwater, and/or graywater tanks, new Dometic Tank Monitor (DTM) systems  let boatowners keep closer track of tank capacity through improved monitoring capabilities.

"The new DTM systems apply a multi-level monitoring method to each tank, indicating empty, low, mid and full levels," explained Jim Kerrigan, Dometic Sanitation, vice president, sales. "This capability, combined with small panel size and intuitive graphics, offers improved functionality and fresh styling to meet the demands of today's boatowner."

Incorporating three micro-float probe sensors in each tank, a DTM4 system monitors a wastewater tank; the DTM8 system indicates the levels in a wastewater and freshwater tank; and the DTM12 system monitors the condition of wastewater, freshwater, and graywater tanks.

The DTM4 wastewater system also can integrate with Dometic's VacuFlush toilet technology through a "full tank" shutdown relay option. When the waste holding tank is full, the relay shuts down power to the VacuFlush vacuum generator to prevent more flushes from overfilling the holding tank. The shutdown relay can also be added externally to DTM8 and DTM12 system circuits.

According to Kerrigan, the new DTM systems build on the proven performance of the company's popular TankWatch monitoring systems. "While other tank systems are susceptible to false readings due to a variety of limitations, our micro-float switches remain the most reliable."

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