Camera lost at Houseboat Expo

February 2009 News
Whoever found the camera may keep it if they wish, but the owner is offering a reward for the memory card inside the camera, as the pictures on it had not been downloaded yet.

Here are the pictures that are on the card (to help identify it):

 "A baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, that my husband brought home for me to nurse.  I did just that, round the clock, and he was healthy enough that we were able to take him to Operation Wildlife, and he was able to be released into the wild.  All of his pictures are priceless to me.  His name was Donato (given of God), Donatello Gelato Meza.

"Two years of Baby Canada Geese being raised outside of our home in Kansas and returning each year in the winter and they are once again getting ready to have offspring.  We took many, many pictures this winter and last winter.  Last winter, we had hundreds of Snow Geese on the pond outside the house, priceless.

"Our trip to Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, pictures of two oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, foorprints and handprints at Grahmans Chinese Theater in California and the Oscar Statue last year, family and friends and our dog.  Pictures of two homes we sold with all the improvements we made, flowers and all.  These are all priceless to us."

If you have found this camera, please call Pat Meza at  913-682-6307.


If you can provide any information regarding the camera, please call.

Thank you.
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