A houseboat vacation? Try the Alentejo region of Portugal

Published online: Aug 10, 2010 News James Martin - goeurope.about.com

When I was penning my article: Best Lakes to Visit in Europe I hadn't given a thought to renting a houseboat on a lake in Europe. Sure, you can rent a houseboat in Amsterdam, but this morning I heard of another option--renting a houseboat on Alqueva lake in Portugal.

monsaraz, portugalAlqueva is an artificial lake created by a recent dam. It's Portugal's largest reservoir; part of the lake is in Spain. It's near the stunning, whitewashed town of Monsaraz, Portugal.

Check the location on our Alentejo Map. The lake isn't on the map because it wasn't a lake the last time I was there; it's that new. Just look at the river near Monsaraz; that's where the lake is now.

Does a houseboat adventure sound good to you? Perhaps the best place to start is checking out Amierira Marina, where you can rent the boat and get some information on the lake.

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