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With unparalleled styling and design, Bravada Yachts has quickly transformed the houseboat market. Offering four exciting models, each Bravada Yacht exudes distinct yacht-like styling, while offering the high value found in the houseboat market. Bravada's engineering and streamlined manufacturing processes are both revolutionary and cost-effective. Each detail of a Bravada Yacht is carefully designed and engineered to incorporate not only this new exciting look, but also the latest in safety, energy, efficiency and comfort. With an experienced in-house design staff, luxury abounds in each model, including such options as granite and natural stone counters, floors and showers, commercial-style kitchens, and designer touches throughout.

Bravada Yachts are manufactured by Compass North Industries of Phoenix, Ariz., and currently occupies a 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and employs 40 talented engineers, drafters, welders, craftsmen and designers.

2011 Recap:

2011 proved to be a very exciting year for Bravada Yachts. In February the manufacturer unveiled its exciting line of houseboats nationally at the Houseboat Expo. This national exposure has opened up new markets for Bravada in California, Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio and Texas. There were in excess of 20 new Bravada Yachts ordered or delivered in 2011.

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