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Too Old To Ride? Nah!

Published in the March 2012 Issue Published online: Mar 15, 2012 Feature

You're never too old to go tubing, according to those who voted on our online poll. While a small percentage feel tubes are for kids, the majority feel tubing behind a boat is a life-long hobby. Do you agree? Check out our latest question at to cast your vote on our current poll.


Poll Question: At what age do you feel is too old to be pulled behind a boat on a tube?

Tubes are for small children. 7.41%

Only teenagers should ride tubes. 3.70%

I still ride tubes with my kids as well as solo. 11.11%

They make tubes for ALL ages for a reason. 14.81%

I can still keep up with the grandkids; let's tube. 62.96%