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Recently released, Aloha, Lady Blue is a novel about a reluctant hero, Stryker McBride, who lives aboard his luxurious houseboat, the Travis McGee, at a small, suburban yacht club in Kaneohe Bay, near Oahu, Hawaii. One phone call from his high school crush, Amber Kalanianaole Kam, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years, changes everything. Amber wants Stryker to do a little digging into the suspicious death of her grandfather. Stryker doubts the sincerity of Amber’s request, but looks into the case anyway, at what turns out to be great personal peril as secrets of the past combined with the local mafia lead Stryker into Hawaii’s dangerous criminal underground. Written by humor columnist Charley Memminger, this book would make a wonderful addition to your library and it celebrates a lifestyle we all love, houseboating.

Here’s where we need your help! In the sequel, Waikiki White Shark Cafe, which will come out in January 2014, Stryker sells the Vagabond and buys a less ostentatious houseboat, a boat more retro or vintage to match his quiet lifestyle. What type of houseboat should it be? Head over to to vote or offer your suggestions!

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