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Published online: May 22, 2013
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Steve and Diane were first introduced to houseboating when one year, their sister in law mentioned renting a couple of houseboats for their family get together. "We ended up renting two that year from Conley Bottom at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.  We had such a great time that we rented again the following two years.  After that first year, we had the "bug" and started looking to buy and that was four years ago," said Diane.  Steve and Diane both love the tranquility houseboating brings.

The Claybaugh's purchased a used, one-owner, 2006 Sunstar houseboat from Terry Miller at Houseboats Buy Terry. The boat has almost everything we could possibly want: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room, roof-top bar, slide, enclosures, fireplace, and well maintained.  The only items that we may add now are stern thrusters and a back-up camera.

Our boat's name is "R D-Stressor." We got this name when we were taking the boat out on a test run. Diane was sitting on the front deck, feeling the breeze and she thought, WOW, what a stress-free feeling this is. "Work can be stressful for both of us and this little getaway is our way to de-stress," commented Diane. The initials R and D are for Reno (Steve's nickname) and Diane.

Diane and Steve have only had the boat for a couple of weeks so they haven't spent any real time on the lake, just at the dock.  Their game plan is to take it out a couple times a month and find a little secluded spot, beach R D-Stressor and relax and enjoy.

They dock at Conley Bottom Marina on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.  We have been to almost all of the marinas on Lake Cumberland, and Conley is by far the best marina for amenities, parking, and is a safe environment for kids, and not to mention their friendly and helpful staff.

Steve and Diane love to houseboat with their family.  "The last two weeks, we've had a "boat-load" here.  Our children and three grandchildren (ages 13, 4 and 3), it's been a great time", Steve explained.

Steve and Diane are from Berea, Kentucky which is only a little over an hour from Conley Bottom Marina. Their favorite meal to cook on the houseboat is anything on the barbecue.


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