How We Got Our Name

Stories behind some of our favorite houseboat names

Published online: Feb 13, 2014 How We Got our Name
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Do you have a great story about how you named your boat? We want to hear it! Not only will we post them on the website, we run some of the best ones in every issue. Submit your story here:

Here are some of our favorites:


We named out house boat K-D-K. It stands for Kathi, Dale and Kale, our family. This is our third boat, so there are three palm trees for each past boat.

We have a 2003 Catamaran Cruiser that we enjoy every single weekend on Lake Pueblo at South Shore Marina in Pueblo, Colo.

Yes, even in the dead of winter we enjoy our houseboat every single weekend. Thanks to the folks at South Shore Marina, by installing bubblers in the winter, we get lots of opportunities to enjoy our condo on the water all year long!

We love the water, we love our boat, and we love being able to enjoy it all the time! When we leave each weekend, we make our plans for our return in five days, true boatahollics!

Dale Mata
Lake Pueblo, Colo.

We have a dear friend who is a working dynamo and always on the move. But when you call him and ask him what he’s doing his standard reply is just resting. We all know it’s not true, as he never seems to stop.

So we chose to name our boat Just Restin. We all know that there are some “not restin” times when you have to do all the necessary maintenance, but we wouldn’t trade our water time for anything else. 

Don & Teddie McFadden
Hollister, Calif.

We have fallen in love with this way of life. We started around 30 years ago with other types of boats, but in 2006 we found a fixer upper houseboat that has been our getaway from work and phones as our business grew.

The name we have chosen, which came from my son, shows that we also enjoyed our work. So The Office was launched and now when people wants to know where we are, our employees inform them we’re at The Office.

Duane and Sandy Morris
Warsaw, Mo.

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