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The best evidence of its long legacy of quality construction and experience is that customer referrals serve as Destination's best sales tool. Its owner, Sheldon Graber, has been a key player in the houseboat industry for almost two decades. Together with his team of dedicated staff, every Destination Yachts houseboat that leaves the manufacturing facility is held to the highest standard. Destination Yachts' ultimate goal is to be the premier houseboat builder in the nation, offering a quality product, superior construction, and excellent customer service by employing skilled personnel and maintaining integrity in all business practices. Last year Destination Yachts engineered its full hull line of houseboats and have just completed its third full hull design.

Superior manufacturing and building expertise follows in the tradition of old-style Amish skill and craftsmanship. A signature style of solid construction is found throughout the Destination product line. The lineup ranges from entry-level floorplans to luxury custom builds.

Located in Montgomery, Ind., Destination Yachts is capable of building boats as large as 22 feet wide and 100 feet in length.

Destination Yachts recently announced a new "green" innovation using hydrogen to fuel its engines. This new technology unlocks the power of hydrogen and oxygen as combustive energy that exists in a renewable, sustainable and abundant source-water, a perfect match for the houseboating industry. Hydrogen is one of the most plentiful elements in the universe. It can be extracted from natural gas, coal, crude oil, etc., but water is the only pollution-free source of hydrogen. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water can be easily and cleanly split apart by electrolysis. The resulting hydrogen can be compressed for storage and use in fuel cells. Destination Yachts has partnered with Hydro-Phi Solutions who engineered the technology.

Date Founded: 1998

Location: Montgomery Ind.

Best-selling model or floor plan: Q6516 side hall three bedroom

Smallest houseboat built to date: 35' by 10'

Largest houseboat built to date: 100' by 20'

Hull Design: Aluminum Twin Hull, aluminum full hull and Aluminum catamaran

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intercoastal

In-house transportation available? Yes

In-house interior designer available: Yes

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