• Pleasure Cove Marina

    This past July, the Magda family and their friends and relatives experienced renting a houseboat for the first time at Pleasure Cove Marina in Napa, Calif., and they were completely blown away.

  • Houseboats vs. Cruisers

    You don't have to be big to appreciate the space and roominess that a houseboat offers, but it does help.

  • 30 Years Of Houseboating

    If anyone in the houseboating industry has figured out that formula for a successful business, it’s Dick Gragert, the creator of HydraNautics.

  • Autumn in Antelope

    Check out these multi-pronged Lake Powell adventures just a stone’s throw from Antelope Point Marina.

  • Rescuing Houseboats

    Captain Don Hunter makes his living helping people in Lake Cumberland. He and his wife Suzanne are the proud owners of Marine Assist, a commercial towboat service company.

  • Houseboaters: A Rare Kind Of Breed

    I’ve said this before: boaters are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. If you’re in trouble on the water, all you have to do is start waving your hands and someone will quickly make it over to help.

  • Best Houseboating Lakes in the United States

    After asking avid houseboating fans on Facebook which were their favorite lakes to houseboat on, the votes revealed the truth about which lakes really are the best.

  • News

    Disposal of Old Marine Flares

    BoatUS urges San Mateo County boaters to take advantage of a marine flare collection event to be held Saturday, Nov. 2, at Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay and Oyster Point Marina in South San Francisco.

  • News

    Just for the Ladies

    The Sailing Convention for Women, presented by Gail Hine, is to be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club in Corona del Mar, California.

  • News

    More Power To You

    For owners who find themselves without access to typical marina power but want to use standard household current, SmartPlug can help.

  • News

    Euro Style Axial Replacement Fan

    Delta "T" Systems' new Euro Style Axial Replacement Fan offers superior performance and build quality, and is made in the USA for fast, easy delivery.

  • News

    NautiTech's New Power Combiner

    Nauti-Tech Systems debuted the Nauti-Combine V2 Series at IBEX. This groundbreaking line of products adds innovative enhancements that keep pace with modern yacht electrical needs and onboard network configurations.

  • News

    Accon's Pop-Up LED Bow Lights

    One quick and easy way to update the look of a boat is to replace an old, dated bow light.

  • News

    Dometic's Global Marine Air Conditioning

    Dometic introduces new air conditioning unit with versatile compressor which eliminates the need of any voltage regulating devices and literary takes away national borders for vessels.

  • News

    Glomeasy Cures Antenna Installation Headaches

    With the Glomeasy line from Glomex, it's fast and easy to install—and remove—high-performance VHF, AIS, FM and DAB antennas.

  • News

    SeaSucker Accessory Kits

    SeaSucker loads its 12 unique Accessory Kits with everything needed to start having fun right away. Ideal as a holiday gift, each collection is designed for a specific outdoor activity.

  • News

    13 Little Winterizing Secrets

    BoatUS shares some quick tips to ensure safe storage for boats until next season.

  • News

    Replacement Engine Cooling Pump

    JMP Corporation's new crank-mounted JPR-CP25UH engine cooling pump replaces a wide range of OEM and aftermarket models, including the widely-used Sherwood P105.

  • News

    Marine Elegance Toilet

    The Marine Elegance from Raritan Engineering is one of the most adaptable and easily installed marine toilets on the market today.

  • News

    2020 Nautical Book of Days

    The 2020 version of the Nautical Book of Days is now available from ProStar Publications.

  • News

    Prospec's All-Weather Stereo Receiver

    The JBLPRV275 all-weather stereo receiver from Prospec Electronics makes so much sense. Using a standard 3.5-inch round cutout, it offers OEMs and DIYers up-to-the-minute features like a rotary encoder, 2.75-Inche color screen and video input.

  • News

    New Pod Connector for Powersports/Marine Lines

    Boss Audio Systems' new PODCBL pod connector is now available at and authorized retailers.

  • News

    Have Some Wheel Fun

    With a pair of SeaSucker's new Cold Wheels, it's easy to add mobility to any smooth-sided cooler.

  • Cooking Onboard

    Are you looking for some new recipes to test out while on your houseboat this fall? If so, you’ll want to grab a copy of The Boat Cookbook by Fiona Sims.

  • Kerala Houseboat

    Check out this drone video of the Kerala Houseboat in India!

  • Back Deck Recipes: Awesome Autumn Eats

    Warm up with these tasty autumn recipes!

  • 10 Awesome Houseboats and Futuristic Floating Homes

    Check out this video of these 10 amazing houseboats and floating homes!

  • Wonderful Walking

    These flooring options can make houseboaters’ lives easier with features ranging from durability to easy of installation.

  • Students Living on a Houseboat in Australia

    Some Australian students have started to switch to the houseboats instead of regular housing, and they've found a number of undeniable benefits in such a lifestyle.

  • Maintenance Q&A with Warren

    Learn about anchor lines, geothermal heat pump systems, and how to know when your freezer thaws and refreezes from power outages.

  • Boatsetter's Hurricane Prep Guide

    Sooner or later, anyone who keeps a boat for long in a hurricane zone will have to deal with the threat of a major storm, and possibly the reality of the storm itself, whether as a direct hit or a glancing blow.

  • Who's On Board?

    Host Joseph Rosendo from acclaimed travel TV show TravelScope explores the UNESCO Rideau Canal on board a Le Boat Cruiser.