• A Tax Write Off?

    Boaters are using, or some are considering using, their houseboat to conduct a business enterprise. Can they?

  • Queen of Houseboats

    Terry Miller of Houseboats Buy Terry recently passed away on March 23, 2020, leaving a houseboat community and many others to mourn the loss of this amazing person

  • Will the day come when waterfront housing districts are built on the Manzanares River itself? The idea of a home on the water is not as crazy as it seems.

  • We want our homes to be cozy, affordable, and nice to look at. Houseboats take this idea even further.

  • 7 Reasons to Move onto a Houseboat

    Whether you’re looking for a change of pace or a change of scenery, moving to a houseboat may be just the thing you need to take your landlubbing life to a whole new level.

  • Burn to Boom

    After a fire burned down their first houseboat, Merv Aguiar and his wife Barbara were able to buy another houseboat and live it up again.

  • Those who have experience living in boathouses know a thing or two about capitalizing on the small living space they have on hand. If you’ve got a taste for living at sea, then we’ve created some solutions for maximizing living in a tiny space.

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    The award-winning Infinity by Harman INF-BC4 Pre-Amp Bluetooth Controller from Prospec Electronics is the perfect way to connect media players, cell phones and tablets for streaming music.

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    Not everyone is a pro tournament angler, but with SeaSucker's Offshore Warrior Set, they might as well be.

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    The YQ100PLUS adapter from Hubbell Marine safely powers a 100A vessel from one or two 50A AC receptacles—especially helpful for cruisers visiting new ports.

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    Even the most cared-for boat will eventually show its age. However, it's easy to bring back a showroom shine with BoatLIFE's two-part restoration process using PolyShine and Life Wax.

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    With Golden Boat Lifts' completely redesigned innovative Kayak Launch, it's easy to launch and recover with safety and confidence in less than 90 seconds, even from high docks and seawalls and areas with tidal fluctuation.

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    Thirsty-Mate High Capacity Super Pumps from Beckson Marine remove large volumes of fluids from bilges, tanks, boat cockpits and other spaces quickly and with minimal effort.

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    Quick Release Fender Hangers from Accon Marine utilize an innovative design that literally makes setting the fenders a snap.

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    With large public events being canceled due to concerns over coronavirus COVID-19, boating is perhaps the most enjoyable way to spend time with immediate family while still social distancing. Shurhold has a Clean-N-Simple Tip to help sanitize the boat.

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    Traditionally, each onboard radio requires a separate antenna. Saving space, time and money, the VHF & AM/FM Splitter from AirWave Marine connects both devices to a single dual-band antenna with crystal-clear performance.

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    Ritchie Navigation's innovative educational program Ready to Boat has launched on Boaters University, an AIM Marine Group property.

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    Most marine toilets are either manual or electric. The PH PowerFlush from Raritan Engineering can be both.

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    Ready to rip on the open seas, the Infinity by Harman 6-1/2" Kappa coaxial marine speaker combines stunning visuals with high power handling and sensitivity.

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    Eye Straps and Lacing Hooks from Beckson Marine are the convenient anchor points for equipment-wrangling shock cords and netting containment solutions.

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    Checking shorepower connections can be time-consuming. An innovative UL- and CL-listed Twist-Lock Circuit Tester from Hubbell Marine speeds this process by using simple LED visual codes to indicate electrical circuit conditions.

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    Whether generating a faint, musty smell or a full-on, recoil-at-the-stench odor, mold, mildew and microorganisms prove they love moist environments and thrive in them. But it's easy to get rid of these intruders with Live Well Cleaner from Iosso Products.

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    MiniShockles from Davis Instruments are bungee cords on steroids.

  • Nautical Aptitude Quiz

    Are you cut out to be the captain of a boat? Spend a few minutes to reveal your true Nautical Leadership Quotient.

  • If you have invested your money in a boat of any kind, you will understand how expensive it is to own a boat. A houseboat is a different kind of boat.

  • Many people are finding ways to adapt to spending more time at home, including following online workouts and doing bodyweight exercises. For those living on a houseboat, it’s a bit more difficult due to limited space, but there’s always a way around it.

  • From The Forums: Do You Know Your Vocab?

    Recently on the Houseboat forums, one new member was casting around for the right nautical terminology for a problem she was facing...

  • As long as your houseboat is connected to the internet, you are at risk of cyberattacks, which is why you need to take steps to enhance cybersecurity and protect your personal data from malicious attacks.

  • Houseboat Dogs

    Most dogs will easily adapt to their environment and many will love the smells and new people and places that come with living on a boat, making them the perfect companion for land and sea.

  • Recording the sights and sounds of your time on the water is a great way to relive and share your special memories.

  • Whether you’re only now dipping your feet into the houseboat rental industry or have an established business with existing clients and infrastructure, marketing yourself to attract even more clients is always a good thing.

  • Whether you’ve decided to eliminate debt from your life or you're ready to live aboard, you’re now ready to downsize your home.