Houseboat Ownership
  • 10 Things Marina Owners May Not Tell You About Living Onboard

    If the houseboat is your only home, first make sure living on board 24/7 is permitted at all. Then note these things that may not have been mentioned.


    Stardust’s boat CHAOS will always stand out as one of our favorites we had the pleasure to feature in 2011.

  • Making Better Memories

    Jeff Hensley recently finished a year-long restoration project on a 2006 Horizon houseboat named Sales Relief. The boat is 20-feet-by-100-feet and was originally built for the owner of Horizon and called the Utopia.

  • Tips for Renovating Your Houseboat

    With creative floor plans, designs and amenities, a houseboat can feel spacious and suit your daily living needs.

  • Financing Your Houseboat

    Financing a houseboat can seem like a complicated process if you’ve never done it before. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult an expert like Joey Gottfried, the regional manager of Newcoast Financial Services in Clearwater, Fla.

  • Floating Palace

    Back in our May/June issue of 2017, we featured one of Harbor Cottages’ 84- by 16-foot models, and this boat was nothing short of a floating paradise on the water.

  • Living With No Fear

    It’s nearly impossible to visit a major marina and not find at least one Gibson Houseboat.

Houseboat Vacations
Houseboat Lifestyle
  • A Stroll Down Houseboat Row

    "I recently took a stroll down a row of vintage houseboats, but in reality it felt more like a stroll down memory lane."

  • Bravada Houseboat in Seattle, Wash.

    When you think of Bravada houseboats, your mind generally conjures images of Lake Powell since that’s where you typically find a lot of their houseboats. So imagine how pleasant a surprise it would be to stumble upon a Bravada in Seattle, Wash.

  • Lasting Moments

    It’s impossible to go houseboating and not make some of your best memories.

  • Marina Manners

    You may find yourself docked or anchored with only a few feet between your houseboat and the neighbors’ parties, engine exhaust, cooking odors, barking dog, barbecue smoke and loudspeakers. How can you be a better neighbor?

  • 30 Years Of Fun

    The versatility and the ability to bring and keep families together has been the backbone of Houseboat magazine since its inception and it’s truly been an amazing 30 years and a milestone worth celebrating.

  • Know How to Swim?

    How important is swimming to their safety and wellbeing when living on a houseboat?

  • In Search of Silence

    "Thanks to Wahweap Marina, I felt some of that regenerative golden energy as I experienced some of the secrets that Lake Powell offers."