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    Blow It Up

    Delta "T" Systems makes the decision-making process easy with its DC Centrifugal Blowers and Axial Fans

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    Dock Box, Love Seat—What's the Difference?

    Most dock boxes aren't sturdy enough to sit on. Nor are they too comfortable. The Waterside Lounger from Better Way Products is both.

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    Light It Up

    EuroLED 95 Down Lights from Hella marine feature a low profile, European design that complements a wide range of interior décors.

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    Flush Tie Downs

    Cast stainless steel Accon Marine Tie Downs provide ideal anchor points for holding fenders or equipment in place while blending discreetly into the deck.

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    Safe, Dependable Onboard Power

    Internationally-rated systems from Hubbell Marine are one of the only CE-certified electrical shore power products designed for vessels voyaging far from home.

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    Everyone knows that musty, dank odor. It's a sign that mold and mildew have taken hold. Worse yet, it signals that damage such as rust may be happening. It's easy to eliminate the humidity that causes these problems with Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments.

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    Up Your Connectivity

    Glomex Marine Antennas' innovative weBBoat 4G Plus Internet antenna receives 3G/4G cellular and Wi-Fi signals up to 20 miles away throughout the US and Canada.

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    Brushing Up

    With Shurhold Industries' new 10" Soft/Medium Combo Brush, it's easy to cover a lot of ground on your houseboat while saving time, using only one tool.

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    Stylish and Functional Lights

    Hella marine flawlessly combines style and function with its EuroLED 75 Dual Color Down Lights. These multipurpose lamps switch from pleasing white to night-vision-preserving red LEDs to suit the user's current need.

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    Faster and Easier Connections

    With the Pro Series Antenna Cable System from AirWave Marine, installing or replacing an antenna has never been faster or easier. It's ideal for DIYers, marine electronics installers and OEMs.

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    Keep the Old Looking New

    With Iosso Products' biodegradable Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, it's simple to bring back a like-new appearance to outdoor fabrics and keep many insidious organic marks from returning.

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    FD Boxes and Angled Adapters

    Weatherproof FD boxes and angled adapters from Hubbell Marine help assure a secure flow of safe, reliable power of up to 50 amps under all climactic conditions.

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    Retrofit A Charles ISO BOOST or PM3 to Latest Technology

    Many Charles ISO BOOST and PM3 models are showing signs of their age, yet savvy houseboat owners aren't replacing them--they're retrofitting them to the latest technology.

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    Argos Nautic 396 Yachting

    Tenders always come in handy on a houseboat. For your tender needs, check out the new Argos Nautic 396 Yachting.

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    New Repair Provider for BoatUS Insurance

    MarineMax has now become a Repair Provider for BoatUS Marine Insurance Program members.

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    The Safashor Dock Model

    With the Safashor Dock Model, boarding and exiting a vessel has never been safer.

  • Floating Island Made from Recycled Materials

    Ecological Builder Richart Sowa made a floating island out roughly 150,000 recycled plastic bottles.

  • Delicious December Dishes

    Curl up with these delicious Back Deck recipes this holiday season. Learn to make creamy hot cocoa, pigs in blankets, shepherd's pie, and dessert crepes.

  • 20 Life Hacks

    Here are 20 of our favorite houseboat life hacks that we personally can’t wait to try out.

  • Write Design/Plans for Your Houseboat

    A major factor contributing to houseboat popularity is the ability for anyone to build one easily with the help of a design plan.

  • Preparing to Buy a Houseboat

    Whether you purchase something out of your price range or you aren’t capable of the maintenance requirements, your dream could turn into a nightmare without the proper planning.

  • You CAN Take It With You

    Here are some things that can go anywhere with you anywhere when living aboard. Consider keeping those you have and perhaps joining others.

  • The Tale of McBarge

    The owners of the infamous Expo 86 Mcdonald’s McBarge have plans to transform it into a deep sea research center.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Houseboaters!

    On behalf of everyone here at Houseboat Magazine, we'd like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! And remember, it's always better celebrating a holiday like this on a houseboat!

  • 10 Reasons To Houseboat In The Fall

    Something makes houseboating more special in the fall. Scratch that, several somethings do. Ten, to be precise.