• To give you a better idea of houseboat financing, here’s a sample phone conversation Joey had with Danny Kreishner who’s looking into financing a houseboat for his family of four.

  • Whether you stay docked in a marina or take the vessel out for adventure, it's important that you make sure you've invested in everything your houseboat needs.

  • We threw around several questions and got ourselves a better idea of what new houseboaters should be looking for.

  • Regardless of if you want to spend your vacation crashing over waves on your jet ski or just kicking back and taking a nap in the sun, a houseboat offers the ideal option to make the most of your vacation.

  • My First Rum Run

    Over the years I’ve met some truly wonderful people while out on assignment for Houseboat, but I think it was my first year in the summer of 2000 that I compare each current travel season to.

  • Mothership Houseboat

    Australia’s Mothership Marine builds a range of solar electric and hybrid boats designed for inland waterways, one of which is their Mothership Houseboat.

  • Benefits of Renting a Houseboat

    Regardless of if you want to spend your vacation crashing over waves on your jet ski or just kicking back and taking a nap in the sun, a houseboat offers the ideal option to make the most of your vacation.

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    A fully self-contained design makes installing 460 Series Pull-Up Cleats from Accon Marine an easy DIY project.

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    Argos Nautic, builder of bespoke luxury RIB tenders, is debuting a new diesel-powered concept at the Miami Yacht Show.

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    BoatUS urges the Georgia governor to reconsider regulations restricting overnight anchoring within 1,000 feet of any structure, such as public and private docks, wharves, bridges, piers and pilings, except in areas near marinas.

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    Ideal for multiple-use boats, SeaSucker's Single Tank Strap and Two Tank Rack conveniently mount anywhere there's a smooth or lightly-textured, non-porous surface.

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    Mini Compact Single Horns are available in a weather-resistant Standard version or All Stainless Steel. They're ideal for installing above or below dashes, consoles and other exposed components.

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    For items that need to be accessible at a moment's notice, there's Quick Fist and Super Quick Fist from Davis Instruments.

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    Few things beat watching a sunset from a boat—especially with a drink in hand.

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    The all-in-one, waterproof stereo receiver was designed from the ground up to perform through the toughest conditions boaters encounter without sacrificing the refined features audiophiles demand.

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    Flush Mount Pole Holders from Accon Marine provide secure storage, then retract into the deck when not required.

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    Restoring a faded finish is easy with the right tools and chemicals like Shurhold.

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    The innovative Safashor Basic Dock Model is a 36" slip-resistant gangplank that installs permanently on a dock or seawall.

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    Veratron GPS Antenna Boasts Integrated Receiver

    The new veratron GO is a GPS/GLONASS/Galileo constellation receiver and antenna in one compact package. NMEA 2000® certified, it has easy plug-and-play installation that requires minimal setup.

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    AirWave Combo Antenna

    Few antennas can match the versatility of AirWave Marine's Combo VHF/AIS+AM/FM.

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    Schmitt & Ongaro Wheel

    Schmitt & Ongaro Marine Products' new 14.2" Model 30 marine steering wheel is a striking, contemporary design by Stella.

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    Shurhold Deck Mop

    Shurhold's new 60" and 72" Water Sprite Deck Mops have fixed wooden handles that simply won't scratch if accidentally rubbed against paint, chrome, vinyl or powder coating.

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    No Wind? No Fuel? No Problem!

    Few things are as frustrating to a boat owner as being becalmed or running out of fuel—or both. If a tow isn't available, paddling is the next-best solution.

  • Bringing children along with you to your house boat can take houseboat living to a whole other level.

  • Good news, the life you are choosing to embark on tends to be quite a bit cheaper when it comes to the cost of living.

  • These boating apps can be installed right on your phone and will help at the right time. Let's explore the most useful of them together!

  • Prevent your houseboat’s value from sliding by fighting mold. Growth

  • When it comes to houseboat vacations, there’s only one questionable thing: which location should you choose?

  • With the increasing population and various developments that are being experienced in real estate in general, it is important to note that there is nothing wrong with making a tiny floating house your dwelling place.

  • There are 8 types of items you should always bring with you on a houseboat trip.

  • Let’s dive in and explore everything you need to know when you get your first boat in the United States.

  • Winter solstice may have been one month ago, but on the boater’s calendar, January is generally considered the middle of a vessel’s long winter nap.