• Bravada’s New Direction

    Back in June of 2017, three new owners took the helm at Bravada Yachts. Together, they’ve been working to shake up the industry with new designs and innovations not previously seen in the houseboating arena.

  • Dock Communities

    There is no denying the power of a dock community and coming together with others who share a common interest like houseboating.

  • Sunstar Houseboat Splashes on Lake Shasta

    A few weeks ago, Bill Sherman and several other families had the pleasure of splashing their brand new 15 X 56 Sunstar houseboat at Lake Shasta, Cal.

  • A True Slice of Heaven

    Nestled in the aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean is the nautical paradise, Angler House Marina.

  • Mississippi Houseboat

    Wes Modes built a traditional barge-bottom houseboat in his backyard in California and transported it to Minnesota to begin his journey down the Mississippi.

  • An Unbelievable DIY Project

    Back in April of 2017, Jerry and Kimberly Manyette bought an old 70s houseboat that needed some patching up. It turned out to need a whole lot more than just minor repairs.

  • Reader Submission Photos

    Here are some of the photos our readers shared on our Facebook page! Share your photos with us; yours could even be picked for our next issue of Houseboat Magazine!

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    Does Your Business Cater to Boaters?

    If you own a boat-related business, BoatUS can help your marina or business gain more BoatUS customers.

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    WeBBoat 3G Plus

    With expectations of 24/7 connectivity, Glomex Marine Antennas' award-winning weBBoat 4G Plus delivers, whether it's downloading navigation updates or checking the score.

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    Le Boats Easter Flash Sales

    Le Boats Easter Flash Sales features up to 30% savings in Europe and Canada

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    Snap Tool Multi-Key

    Cell phones have their place onboard, but even with all their apps they can't compare with the Snap Tool Multi-Key from Davis Instruments.

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    Nauti-Tech Satellite Internet

    Nauti-Tech's next-generation cellular/VSAT bundles feature the new Kymeta MTenna™ flat panel antenna. With global satellite access using Ku band, it boasts un-throttled LTE/VSAT connectivity at 150Mbps on 4G/LTE and 5Mbps bandwidth on HTS satellite.

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    Cleaning Your Displays

    Shurhold Industries offers Clean-N-Simple Tips for keeping valuable electronics—and almost anything else on your houseboat—looking their best. It's an aerosol spray that cleans, polishes and protects in one step, without any greasy residue.

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    New Compact JBL Amps

    JBL's new Apex Powersports Amplifiers from Prospec Electronics pack a high-performance punch, yet are small enough to fit into the palm of a hand.

  • News

    Buying Boat Insurance

    As boat owners prep for the season, it’s time to dust off the boat’s insurance policy and grab a magnifying glass to read the fine print.

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    SeaSucker Rod Holders

    Made in the USA, SeaSucker's three new Pro Series Rod Holders install quickly and without drilling or leaving marks.

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    Front-Load Dock Box

    With Better Way Products' TR2, it's as easy as raising the lid and swinging open the hinged front door. It's ideal for everything from a 40-gallon trash bin to a standard scuba tank.

  • News

    New TowBoatUS Owner

    Savannah Pilot Boat Captain moves back home and becomes the owner of a 24-hour on-water towing service for recreational boaters.

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    Protect Your Outdoor Fabrics!

    Iosso Water Repellent is invisible armor that keeps Sunbrella and other solution-dyed acrylics, laminated and coated materials, canvas, vinyl and leather clean, all looking like new.

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    Beckson Clamshell Vents

    Whether ventilating an engine compartment, locker, cuddy or cabin on your houseboat, it's a good idea to keep the insects outside the boat with Beckson Marine's Hard Clamshell Vents.

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    Accon Fender Hangers

    Clever hardware from Accon Marine offers a quick release for deploying and retrieving fenders, saving time and effort.

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    Albin Pressure Pumps

    Albin Pump Marine's Standard and Premium Series Water Pressure Pumps, in combination with an Accumulator Tank, deliver smooth, residential-quality flow rates.

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    Hubbell's Spring Launch Rebates

    A new rebate from Hubbell Marine allows houseboat owners to upgrade shore power cable sets and save money in the process.

  • A Royal Flush

    When you think about getting the royal treatment, you might not generally think of a comfortable bathroom experience, but with these marine-grade toilets and products, you’ll feel like a king or queen on your houseboat, sitting on your very own throne.

  • Installing Rain Gutters

    Learn how to install rain gutters on your houseboat!

  • Living in a Narrowboat

    A former TV journalist in the UK quit his job, sold his house, and bought a narrowboat so he could live aboard and cruise the canal network.

  • Looks At Books

    If your dream is to move onboard your houseboat and cruise carefree and forever, a large crop of new books will show you the way.

  • Make Laundry a Snap!

    Bernard Engraving's nautically-inspired Sea Snap securely grips laundry while its integrated hanging hook helps keep items in place on your houseboat.

  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for Liveaboards

    It’s spring commissioning time for the boat, so let’s take a look at the “house” part of houseboating too. Here are some spring cleaning chores to put on your checklist.

  • The Real Meaning

    What’s in a boat name? Read all about it here!

  • Cute and Funny Dogs on Boats

    Happy April Fools Day! Please enjoy this cute and hilarious video of dogs on boats.

  • Simple Decor for Small Houseboat Kitchens

    Some simple tweaks to your houseboat kitchen can take the space from ‘workable’ to ‘wow.'