Houseboat Ownership
  • Selecting the Right Houseboat Insurance

    Check out these tips for selecting the right houseboat insurance.

  • Hope And Opportunity

    The 89-foot Majestic houseboat C.C. Man III splashed across the cover of Houseboat’s March 2003 issue. Then 15 years later the same boat, now monikered Hope and Opportunity is a symbol of peace and sobriety for its newest owner, Chad Jansen.

  • 7 Reasons to Move onto a Houseboat

    Whether you’re looking for a change of pace or a change of scenery, moving to a houseboat may be just the thing you need to take your landlubbing life to a whole new level.

  • From Boards to Boat

    Down in Jacksonville, Florida, a housing contractor was about to get the biggest birthday surprise of his life. 34-year-old Aaron Leon was on his way to a skiing trip to celebrate his birthday, when he passed a broken-down mess of a houseboat.

  • Dock Communities

    There is no denying the power of a dock community and coming together with others who share a common interest like houseboating.

  • Rollin’ The Dice

    When Dennis Robinson decided to take on a major renovation project on an old out-of-commission rental houseboat, the name Yachtzee seemed appropriate.

  • Great Food, Friendship And Family

    In the case with Otto and Carolyn Lienhart, their daughter Ashley and their silver lab Gauge, they find a lot of food for the body and soul, and a tremendous amount of joy and laughter on their new Sumerset.

Houseboat Vacations
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    Operating a Houseboat and Other Tips

    Once you learn the ropes in houseboat operation, it's all smooth sailing.

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    Home Away From Home

    Tina Frock and her family have been renting houseboats from Seven Points Marina in Pennsylvania for the past 15 years.

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    Houseboat Safety 101

    The nature of most houseboat vacations demands that you be prepared. Here are some tips for better safety on a houseboat.

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    Join the Family

    If you’re planning to take your next houseboat rental vacation at the beautiful Hendricks Creek Resort on Dale Hollow Lake in Burkesville, Ky., chances are you’re probably going to get a hug.

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    Must-Bring Items on Houseboat Trip

    There are 8 types of items you should always bring with you on a houseboat trip.

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    Booking a Houseboat Vacation

    Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when booking a houseboat vacation.

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    Best Houseboating Lakes in the United States

    After asking avid houseboating fans which were their favorite lakes to houseboat on, the votes revealed the truth about which lakes really are the best.

Houseboat Lifestyle
  • Why Houseboating Relieves Stress

    Houseboating reduces stress and helps your relax. Who knew?

  • 30 Years Of Fun

    The versatility and the ability to bring and keep families together has been the backbone of Houseboat magazine since its inception and it’s truly been an amazing 30 years and a milestone worth celebrating.

  • The Gift of Houseboating

    There’s something about houseboating that insists, practically and emotionally, that it be done in the company of others. It’s a shared adventure.

  • A Stroll Down Houseboat Row

    "I recently took a stroll down a row of vintage houseboats, but in reality it felt more like a stroll down memory lane."

  • Unlock Your Mind and Relax

    On the off-chance that just listening to the sounds of the water or the birds doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for relaxation, you’ll want to have some backup in tow.

  • Home Sweet Dockominium

    Dock space can be an excellent real estate investment. Waterfront property can grow or even skyrocket in value. Your dock might even bring in rental income when you’re out cruising.

  • Houseboating's Healthcare Reform

    I know how Congress can make Americans healthier: give every person a houseboat.