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  • Reader Submission Pictures

    Here are some of the photos our readers shared on our Facebook page! Share your photos with us; yours could even be picked for our next issue of Houseboat Magazine!

  • From Friesland To France

    Wandering the continent had long fascinated the Wrens—the only thing they were missing was the right houseboat.

  • In Your Best Interest?

    “More than anything else, we want the boat that’s best for you!” It’s not just a quote from Houseboats Buy Terry, it’s a philosophy the popular houseboat broker has adhered to since the company first began selling boats.

  • Marina Manners

    You may find yourself docked or anchored with only a few feet between your houseboat and the neighbors’ parties, engine exhaust, cooking odors, barking dog, barbecue smoke and loudspeakers. How can you be a better neighbor?

  • Never Looking Back

    After over 25 years of living on a houseboat, Christine and Tom Pulkrabek laugh at the notion of living on land.

  • Staying Safe and Secure

    While choosing to stay on a houseboat is without a doubt the best decision you can possibly make if you are in search of free living, your new-found freedom does not mean that you become immune crime.

  • Houseboat Rental & Marina Guide

    The new Houseboat Rental & Marina Guide has two components: a fully-searchable online database and a digital flipbook inserted into each digital issue of Houseboat magazine.

  • News

    Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaner

    BoatLIFE has redeveloped its top-selling Boat Cleaner. Still made in the USA, the new eco-friendly formula won't remove wax and other protectants, yet is extraordinarily tough on dirt and grime.

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  • News

    Additional Storage

    It often seems no matter how many cubby holes, drawers and lockers a houseboat has, there's always a need for more. Beckson Marine Soft-Mate holders are the simple way to add storage wherever needed.

  • News

    Turn it Up!

    ASA Electronics is offering boat builders more flexibility with the Polk Ultramarine UMC1 App Ready Controller.

  • News

    Stick It To 'Em

    When a job calls for maximum holding strength, flexibility, and a professional finish where the bonding material will be visible, Fix8 FN Finishing Adhesive is the perfect solution.

  • News

    Grab Rail

    Schmitt & Ongaro Marine's 9-inch Top-Mounted Grab Rail can be wood or cap screw mounted, so it's easy for OEMs and houseboaters to add this stylish piece of hardware on board.

  • News

    Protect Your Boat from Hurricane Damage

    Check out BoatUS's Hurricane Preparation Guide.

  • News

    Fountain of Youth for Boats

    Fiberglass Reconditioner from Iosso Products is the fountain of youth for boats. In one easy step, it takes a dull and lifeless finish and restores its deep, rich color and high-gloss shine.

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    Outlets With USB Ports

    Hubbell Marine USB receptacles have room for both electronics and two- or three-pronged connections in a stylish design that's still a standard size.

  • News

    Never Litter Again

    SeaSucker's Waste Band is a simple, removable garbage bag holder that's mounted on any clean, hard surface.

  • News

    Time for a Brite Wash

    Brite Wash from Shurhold is safe to use on any onboard surface. Without stripping wax or polish, it leaves a brilliant, clean finish and is biodegradable, so harmless to aquatic life.

  • News

    Protect Your Lines

    Secure® Removable Chafe Guards from Davis Instruments are the quick and easy solution to protect braided and three-strand cordage in high-wear areas, while increasing their usable lifespans.

  • News

    Seal the Deal with Rubber Seal Conditioner

    3-IN-ONE RVcare Rubber Seal Conditioner will protect the rubber seals on your houseboat windows, doors, compartments, and hatches.

  • News

    Remove Gunk the Natural Way

    Bio-based Safe-T-Solve™ from Iosso Products easily cleans the most stubborn messes using no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its biodegradable composition requires no special handling.

  • News

    Always Within Reach

    With SeaSucker's Paper Towel Holder, a clean sheet is always at hand, whether in the salon or on the side of your houseboat. Made in the USA, it mounts temporarily—but with astounding strength—to most clean, non-porous surfaces without leaving a mark.

  • News

    Rent It Out

    Whether moving into another boat or taking a break from ownership, the selling phase is the perfect time to list with Boatsetter.

  • News

    Staying on Course

    GPS receivers and other digital technologies transformed marine navigation, but they're no substitute for a compass, especially when there's no power. The HF-743 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDial has all the superior build quality and features Ritchie Naviga

  • Let’s Go Knoxville

    When your Tennessee River cruise calls for a taste of city life, Knoxville, Tenn., glows.

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  • Adonia Houseboat Tour

    The folks at Adonia sure know how to make houseboats! Check out this video tour of one of their boats on Lake Powell!

  • Happy Labor Day!

    On behalf of everyone here at Houseboat Magazine, we'd like to wish you a Happy Labor Day filled with plenty of houseboating fun!

  • Nautical Pet Products

    Pets have a variety of needs and we’ve compiled a list of nautical pet products to make sure you satisfy them all.

  • Writing Houseboat Advertisements

    Making the decision to sell a houseboat is certainly not easy, and once you've decided it may be even harder to write the houseboat for sale advertisement.

  • Safety Tips For Senior Dogs

    Check out these simple safety tips for living with a senior dog on a houseboat.

  • Protecting Our Most Precious

    Check out these tips to protect kids, cats and dogs from the unique hazards of living on the water.

  • 3 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste and Pollution

    Here are three tips from the nonprofit BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water to help boaters reduce plastic waste and pollution while on the water.

  • Narrow Boat Life

    Anna and Kath live on a narrow boat in London with their two cats.