• Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

    Here are the top 12 most common mistakes new and experienced boaters should be aware of.

  • 10 Things Marina Owners May Not Tell You About Living Onboard

    If the houseboat is your only home, first make sure living on board 24/7 is permitted at all. Then note these things that may not have been mentioned.

  • Worldwide Houseboat Rentals

    A few of years ago, some friends in Amsterdam got together with a dream to share their passion for houseboating with the world. Together they founded BookaHouseboat!

  • From Dinghy to Houseboat

    Mike Gilly has had quite the journey, starting out with a dingy and then making his way up to a houseboat, Kiki too.

  • Reader Submission Photos

    Here are some of the photos our readers shared on our Facebook page! Share your photos with us; yours could even be picked for our next issue of Houseboat Magazine!

  • Houseboating's Healthcare Reform

    I know how Congress can make Americans healthier: give every person a houseboat.

  • Cruising The World

    As the largest operator of self-driving boating vacations, Le Boat has spent decades building itineraries and choosing destinations that give every traveler an exciting, new experience.

  • News

    Teaser Reel

    Normally, adding the equipment means drilling holes in your houseboat, but with the new SeaSucker Teaser Reel, it's as easy as a few quick pumps to the Vacuum Mounts. And when the fishing is over, it's simply released and stowed out of the way.

  • News

    No Shocks

    The GFCI Duplex Receptacle from Hubbell Marine is an electrical outlet capable of monitoring and shutting itself to prevent the risk on electric shock.

  • News

    It’s BBQ Time!

    Nothing beats barbecuing on your houseboat, and Kenyon’s Floridian Portable Grill is the perfect match for hungry houseboaters.

  • News

    Bright and Clean Teak

    With Iosso Teak Cleaner, it's simple to clean and brighten weathered wood naturally without harsh chemicals on your houseboat.

  • News

    Hold My Drink

    Accon Marine's innovative single and double drink holders utilize a thin, quick-release base that fits nearly anywhere on your houseboat.

  • News

    State Dock Lake Cumberland Boat Show

    Don’t miss the State Dock Lake Cumberland Boat show this weekend from June 7-9th. There will be around 90-100 boats (including houseboats) on display! Plus admission is free!

  • News

    New Louvered Closure

    The new Louvered Closure from Delta "T" Systems has the outward appearance of a traditional vent, but features an integrated, vertically oriented aluminum damper hidden within.

  • News

    Docking Made Easy

    Docking can be nerve-wracking at times, but Nauti-Tech's new Wave Marine M880 simplifies everything by dynamically controlling engines, thrusters and other devices.

  • News

    No More Messy Clutter

    With the newly redesigned Utility Hook from SeaSucker, there's a spot to hang almost anything—above deck or below.

  • News

    Relax and Let the Money Roll In

    When it comes to renting out your houseboat, Boatsetter takes care of every insurance nuance and renter detail, so you can kick back, share their love of the water with others and let the cash roll in.

  • News

    Neat and Orderly

    With the help of TruDesign's Saddle Base and Clip System, you can bring order to the seemingly endless yards of wire, cables, hoses and pipes on your houseboat.

  • News

    Ultimate Connectivity

    Glomex Marine Antennas debuts one of the world's first GPS antenna using internationally accepted ZigBee® technology.

  • News

    How to Rent Your Boat

    Here's a checklist from BoatUS Checklist on how to rent out your boat and keep out of hot water.

  • News

    Turn Up the Volume!

    BOSS Audio Systems, a leader and innovator in 12 Volt aftermarket audio and video products, is proud to announce two new additions to its acclaimed marine line.

  • News

    Fire at Conley Bottom

    It is with a heavy heart that we bring the sad news of a large fire that destroyed parts of Conley Bottom Resort on Lake Cumberland today. The owner of Houseboats Buy Terry operated her business from her houseboat there as well, and she lost everything.

  • News

    Staying Cool

    As summer draws near, houseboaters rely on air conditioners to sleep comfortably. Using the revolutionary SmartPlug not only greatly improves onboard safety, but allows boaters the worry-free rest they need.

  • Maintenance Q&A with Warren

    Learn about replacing rudders, issues with generators, and deck bumper materials with Warren

  • 6 Ways to Be Green This Summer

    All across America boating season has begun. With some help from the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, here are six ways boaters can help keep waters clean.

  • Green Houseboat Upkeep

    Simple steps in selecting cleaning options for your houseboat can be of great benefit for the health of people, boats, and the environment at large.

  • When Houseboats Meet Smart Technology

    Smart technology can make houseboats more energy efficient, cheaper to run, easier to maintain, and even more enjoyable.

  • The Best Countertop Options for Your Houseboat

    Learn all about the best countertop options for your houseboat here!

  • Nautical Traditions And Phrases

    Nautical ceremonies are something virtually every boater enjoys, whether informally at the yacht club or watching some great occasion in admiralty via the media.

  • Water Sports Coaching

    Barefoot water skiing champion, Zenon Bilas, personalized a web-based coaching program that provides youth and adults at all skill levels with the tools and support they need to improve their waterskiing, barefooting and wakeboarding.

  • Cleaning Your Houseboat

    Bacteria, mold, and mildew can be found everywhere, from your office to your car, and yes, even in (and on) our beloved houseboats. Learn more about cleaning your houseboat in an eco-friendly way!

  • From the Forums: Lifting Your Houseboat

    Excerpts from recent Houseboat forum exchanges about lifting houseboats for maintenance.