• Tammy Dunn's Sunstar Houseboat

    Tammy Dunn and her husband bought their 2018 20- by 90-foot Sunstar Houseboat in June, and they couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Craig Thomas's SummerSun Houseboat Rental

    Craig Thomas recently rented one of Lee’s Ford Marina’s SummerSun Houseboats and he was completely blown away.

  • Barb Mastro's Sumerset Houseboat

    Barb Mastro and her husband could not be more excited for the upcoming summer because they’ll get to experience their brand-new, custom-built 16- by 67-foot Sumerset Houseboat to the fullest.

  • Mike Rorie's Stardust Houseboat

    Mike Rorie finished building his 20- by 105-foot Stardust houseboat in October 2017 and proceeded to have a phenomenal season with the boat this past summer.

  • Pat Pendleton's Harbor Cottage

    Pat Pendleton designed and launched her 16- by 84-foot Harbor Cottage houseboat at Lake Cumberland, Ky., back in May 2017 and she’s never looked back.

  • Billy Chapman's Gibson Houseboats

    Billy Chapman Jr. is a recent buyer of two used Wide Body 59-foot Gibson houseboats.

  • Best Houseboating Lakes in the United States

    After asking avid houseboating fans on Facebook which were their favorite lakes to houseboat on, the votes revealed the truth about which lakes really are the best.

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    Fire in Scappoose

    One of the largest structure fires Columbia County has ever seen destroyed three houseboats at Multnomah Channel Yacht Club Moorage in Scappoose, Ore.

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    Love Seat or Dock Box?

    Dock boxes are incredibly useful for storage, but not too comfortable to sit on. The Waterside Lounger from Better Way Products is different. It holds an astounding 14 cu. ft., and provides a comfortable spot for two to sit, relax and enjoy being by the w

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    Women's Sailing Conference

    Beginning and experienced woman sailors can jump-start their sailing lives by heading to the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) slated for Saturday, June 1, 2019, at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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    Engine Room Ventilation Control

    Delta "T" Systems has unveiled its new, next-generation P/T6 Engine Room Ventilation Controller, which is ideal for houseboats.

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    Albin's New Water Heater

    Owners of smaller houseboats might want to check out Albin Pump Marine's new 5.8-gallon Premium Electric Square Water Heater. It's ideal for galleys, showers and transom wash-downs.

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    Protect Your Houseboat

    We love our houseboats so it's a good idea to protect them from damage and theft. Innovative ZigBoat™ from Glomex Marine Antennas provides you access to critical vessel information when away.

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    Pop-Up Countertop Outlets

    Electrical outlets in a houseboat galley or head are typically located on a wall or the side of cabinetry, and often too far away from where they're needed. Hubbell Marine's new Countertop Receptacles install discretely in the countertop.

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    The Utah Boat Show

    Attend one of the biggest houseboating shows in the west!

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    Save Space With SeaSucker

    There never seems like enough space on a houseboat for everything, but SeaSucker helps solve this problem with innovative vacuum mounted accessories.

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    Houseboat Sinks on New Melones

    New Melones Lake Marina reported that Robert Taylor's 50-foot houseboat had been capsized and sunk by the winter storm on New Melones, Cal.

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    Pop-Up Cleats

    Accon Marine's 202 Series Pop-Up® Cleats retract into the deck or gunwale, providing a smooth, elegant appearance, and with the touch of a button, they pop up ready for use.

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    Dual Coax and Coax-Ethernet Inlets

    With SmartPlug Systems' new Dual Coax and Coax-Ethernet Inlets, it's never been easier to connect to a cable TV or Internet data source on your houseboat.

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    Remote Vessel Monitoring

    Albin Pump Marine's new Bilge Boat Monitor System provides real-time critical onboard system data—as well as its location—at an affordable price point.

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    Smart Macerator Controls

    Raritan's Smart Macerator Control provides comprehensive protection for macerator pumps with smart new technology.

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    Natural Cleaning With Shurhold's Moldaway

    Clean your houseboat the natural way with Moldaway from Shurhold Industries.

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    Hubbell's 100A Line Improvements

    New upgrades to Hubbell Marine's 100A ship-to-shore pin and sleeve cable sets, connectors and inlets make their performance, durability and ease of installation even better.

  • Living on the Water

    Moving from the cramped land to houseboat and floating home communities could be the answer to housing crises around the world!

  • Year-Round Houseboat Living Cost

    Explore what it takes to live the dream of making your houseboat your home by learning how much it costs.

  • Houseboat Community in Ontario

    “I looked at all these spots and thought, what if you were to allow people to have houseboats at Ontario Place year-round?”

  • Gabe Robinson's Sailabration Houseboat

    Gabe Robinson has owned his 16- by 80-foot Sailabration houseboat for just over a year now and he’s been having the time of his life as a full-time liveaboard.

  • DIY Houseboat

    Bonnie started out looking at tiny homes, but when she got talking to a boat building friend, the conversation led to the decision of building a houseboat.

  • Quick Reference Cards

    With Quick Reference Cards from Davis Instruments, it's easy to learn everything from the boating basics to a specialized field of seamanship. It's accurate information at a glance and quicker than an Internet search.

  • Train Your Dog to Wear a Life Jacket

    We all love our dogs and want them to be safe on our houseboats. Check out these four hacks on how to train you dog to wear a life jacket!

  • Iosso's Live Well Cleaner

    Houseboaters all know that funky smell when opening a cooler, refrigerator or live well. It's simple to get rid of that annoying smell and keep it away with Iosso Products' Live Well Cleaner.

  • Dog Etiquette Rules

    Whether you live on a houseboat or you’re coming to visit for the day, if you have a dog, it’s vital for both their safety and the safety of everyone else that you help them stick to some important etiquette rules.