• Aquatic RV

    How’s this for a houseboat? It appears the Giljam family has the best of both worlds with their aquatic RV!

  • Baby On Board

    Baby-proofing a houseboat is no small matter, as Forrest and Kayleigh Packebush can tell you.

  • The Gift of Houseboating

    There’s something about houseboating that insists, practically and emotionally, that it be done in the company of others. It’s a shared adventure.

  • Built-Ins For Houseboat Living

    Built-ins save space on your houseboat, look more shipshape and keep things more secure underway. Here are five ideas to get you started.

  • Houseboaters: A Rare Kind Of Breed

    I’ve said this before: boaters are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. If you’re in trouble on the water, all you have to do is start waving your hands and someone will quickly make it over to help.

  • Southern Hospitality

    Not far from the main part of the lake at the Mermentaw River campground in Louisiana is Jeff LeBlanc, relaxing on his 45-foot Destination Yacht.

  • Bravada’s New Direction

    Back in June of 2017, three new owners took the helm at Bravada Yachts. Together, they’ve been working to shake up the industry with new designs and innovations not previously seen in the houseboating arena.

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    Fire at Conley Bottom

    It is with a heavy heart that we bring the sad news of a large fire that destroyed parts of Conley Bottom Resort on Lake Cumberland today. The owner of Houseboats Buy Terry operated her business from her houseboat there as well, and she lost everything.

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    Staying Cool

    As summer draws near, houseboaters rely on air conditioners to sleep comfortably. Using the revolutionary SmartPlug not only greatly improves onboard safety, but allows boaters the worry-free rest they need.

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    Restore Your Houseboat

    The sun's rays can leave houseboats looking old and neglected. With the right tools, like Shurhold's World's Best Dual Action Polisher and a jar of Buff Magic, it's simple to restore the you houseboat to its former glory.

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    Owner Referral Program

    Houseboat owners who share their vessels through Boatsetter, know firsthand the financial benefits of turning over the keys. And now with the new Owner Referral Program, they can make up to $350 by referring a friend.

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    Extend The Fun

    Island Hopper recently came out with the perfect product to complement your houseboat: the Island Hopper Patio Dock.

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    Vinyl and Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

    Sun, heat, ozone, grime, suntan lotion and other contaminates all contribute to leaving your houseboat dirty, dry, brittle and faded. Vinyl and Leather Cleaner & Conditioner from Iosso Products is uniquely formulated to clean and refresh surfaces.

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    Quality DC Fans and Blowers

    Delta "T" Systems 12 and 24V DC axial fans and centrifugal blowers are engineered and built in the USA specifically for long service lives in a harsh marine environment.

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    Crownline's New 2020 Models

    Crownline Boats are getting ready for 2020 with 10 new boat models.

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    Stainless Flip Covers for Electrical Receptacles

    Hubbell Marine Stainless Steel Flip Covers provide superior weatherproof and watertight protection for you electrical receptacles in an elegant design more in keeping with today's high-end finishes.

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    Does Your Business Cater to Boaters?

    If you own a boat-related business, BoatUS can help your marina or business gain more BoatUS customers.

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    WeBBoat 3G Plus

    With expectations of 24/7 connectivity, Glomex Marine Antennas' award-winning weBBoat 4G Plus delivers, whether it's downloading navigation updates or checking the score.

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    Le Boats Easter Flash Sales

    Le Boats Easter Flash Sales features up to 30% savings in Europe and Canada

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    Snap Tool Multi-Key

    Cell phones have their place onboard, but even with all their apps they can't compare with the Snap Tool Multi-Key from Davis Instruments.

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    Nauti-Tech Satellite Internet

    Nauti-Tech's next-generation cellular/VSAT bundles feature the new Kymeta MTenna™ flat panel antenna. With global satellite access using Ku band, it boasts un-throttled LTE/VSAT connectivity at 150Mbps on 4G/LTE and 5Mbps bandwidth on HTS satellite.

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    Cleaning Your Displays

    Shurhold Industries offers Clean-N-Simple Tips for keeping valuable electronics—and almost anything else on your houseboat—looking their best. It's an aerosol spray that cleans, polishes and protects in one step, without any greasy residue.

  • Nautical Traditions And Phrases

    Nautical ceremonies are something virtually every boater enjoys, whether informally at the yacht club or watching some great occasion in admiralty via the media.

  • Water Sports Coaching

    Barefoot water skiing champion, Zenon Bilas, personalized a web-based coaching program that provides youth and adults at all skill levels with the tools and support they need to improve their waterskiing, barefooting and wakeboarding.

  • Cleaning Your Houseboat

    Bacteria, mold, and mildew can be found everywhere, from your office to your car, and yes, even in (and on) our beloved houseboats. Learn more about cleaning your houseboat in an eco-friendly way!

  • From the Forums: Lifting Your Houseboat

    Excerpts from recent Houseboat forum exchanges about lifting houseboats for maintenance.

  • Summer Means Crawfish!

    Learn how to host your own crawfish boil!

  • Eyes On The Prize

    Check out these fun aftermarket products for your houseboat They're definitely worth the upgrade!

  • What Is A Turtle Burger?

    On my last trip to the lake I violated my own rule of just keeping the meal simple. I came across this crazy food photo online and decided I wanted to attempt to make it myself.

  • Back Deck Recipes:¡Cinco De Mayo Fiesta!

    Get ready for Cinco de Mayo with these delicious recipes!

  • A Tax Write Off?

    If you filed for an extension you could still be in tax season or you might just be preparing for the next one. Either way, boaters are using, or some are considering using, their houseboat to conduct a business enterprise.