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March 2022 Own

If you’re looking for a houseboat manufacturer that specializes in ecological houseboats that hare built for extreme weather, then you’ll want to check out Houseboat Villa.

The company’s prototype Big Cat enables lodging all year round in the weather conditions where the temperature reaches negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit or even less. Plus, this houseboat model makes boating possible until late autumn while also being able to start the boating season in the early spring.

Ecological aspects have been a part of the creative process for the company’s first floating holiday home, Big Cat. The Finland-based shipbuilding company Houseboat Villa launched their first luxurious houseboat on the boat market in the autumn 2020.

The floating holiday villa has been designed for lodging all year round and it tolerates extreme cold temperatures. The Big Cat doesn’t need to be docked for winter either since the hull can withstand the pressure of ice. You’ll also find an underfloor heating and air-source heat pump which warms up the indoor space of the houseboat in the cold winter months.

The houseboat is designed for inland waters and the structure of the Big Cat resembles a catamaran. It has pontoons under the hull with a light and rigid composite frame.

It’s powered with outboard motors and electricity is provided by solar panels and an electrical generator. Once docked, the floating holiday villa can be connected to ground power. The cruising speed for this houseboat is five knots.
For Houseboat Villa, responsibility means working towards sustainable development. As solar power is utilized as a sustainable energy source, there are also many more factors which make the Big Cat an environmentally friendly product.

On Big Cat, the tap water for both dish washing and drinking water is filtered lake water. Its gray waters run into a tank and the water is purified thoroughly before it flows back into the lake.
Furthermore, the floating luxury villa Big Cat is built from light and rigid composite. As a building material, composite is relatively environmentally friendly since it’s a mixture of wood and recycled plastic.

In addition, composite is a sustainable quality material which doesn’t decay or break easily. Using sustainable materials reduces the carbon footprint, and these materials can be recycled or re-used at the end of their life span.

Also, in the future Houseboat Villa’s upcoming houseboats can be equipped with hybrid or electric motors. Additionally, safety of the floating luxury villas is a primary concern for Houseboat Villa and all possible safety measures have been taken into account.

The entrepreneur behind Houseboat Villa is the long-standing shipbuilder, Juha Pärnänen, who has 30 years of experience in shipbuilding. With his earlier company, Jonmeri Yachts, he has furnished large cruise ships for Silja Line, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines, but also many cruise ships of smaller companies. On land Jonmeri Yachts has been responsible for decorating of Mäntyniemi, the official residence of President of Finland and Finnish National Theather.

For more information, check out their website here at

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