Feb./March Houseboat

Published in the January 2011 Issue January 2011 Ask The Expert

The next issue of Houseboat magazine will be mailed the last week of February.

Highlights from this issue include:

Outfitting Your Houseboat. You're taking delivery of a brand new houseboat. She was sail-away ready at the boat show and priced to sell. The bad news is that you'll probably need tons of gear to make the boat truly ready. The good news is that it's very rewarding to add things that make the boat uniquely your own. In this feature we'll dive in and let you know how to get started.

Noise Laws. It's important for houseboat owners that carry PWCs, as well as all houseboaters who want peace and quiet, to understand the new noise laws. Did you realize you could report offending noisemakers to the local lake patrols? And like every other type of fine, they have escalated so you'll want to make sure you're not the one in trouble. We've got you covered from all angles in this feature.

Buying on eBay? What do eBay and houseboats have in common? More than you may think. In this feature we look into why people buy or sell their houseboat on eBay as well as what potential buyers need to consider before buying this way.

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