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Lakeview Yachts is largely considered a custom aluminum houseboat manufacturer, and by all counts it is. But there is a significant departure in how that customization is offered. Rather than throwing the whole decision-making process into the lap of the customer, Lakeview gives its clients a head start with an expansive list of standard and optional equipment. This results in big-time savings on time, and also adds a higher level of certainty that customers are in fact getting what they ask for. To make things even easier for novice buyers, Lakeview carries several pre-configured sizes. Such floorplans can be selected on the spot, or they can serve as inspiration for that special custom design.

Hull design is a big consideration for Lakeview Yachts. Many owners report that even at low speeds, Lakeview's standard "deep V bow" design gives extra control and less hull drag. You may even notice some considerable improvements in fuel economy, and that's regardless of the engine you select.

Date Founded: 1989

Location: Monticello, Ky.

Best-selling model or floor plan: 68' by 16'

Smallest houseboat built to date: 45' by 14'

Largest houseboat built to date: 100' by 20'

Hull Design: Aluminum Mono Hull

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intercoastal

In-house transportation available: No

In-house interior designer available: Yes

"Our V-Hull design with a double plated bow is what sets us apart from other builders. Plus it's our knowledge and experience of the houseboat manufacturing process from bow to stern."

- Bruce Carrender

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