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Since Sharpe Houseboats entered the houseboat market in 1998, it has made a splash that has rippled throughout the industry. The Sharpe family has over 100 years of combined experience producing houseboats in Somerset, Ky., and its exceptional quality and customer service have made Sharpe the name people have come to recognize as one of the leaders in the marketplace. Sharpe celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2007 and rest assured many more will follow.

Sharpe has always said a happy customer is going to be their best salesperson in the marketplace. This is why they have gone beyond the limits to satisfy all of its houseboat customers before and after the sale. The Kentucky builder urges all new buyers to come see the process of how the boats are built and the quality of materials that are used in the production of each Sharpe houseboat.

The aluminum radius Shark Fin Arches on its top deck is one trademark characteristic that will let you spot a Sharpe from far away. With the experience that Sharpe provides to the consumer, the Kentucky builder feels it's able to produce a higher quality houseboat, providing sleek design and customer service, while exceeding the highest quality standards for safe, enjoyable, recreational boating.

"Sharpe Houseboats brings quality materials and exceptional experience in building each houseboat that it produces, allowing us to deliver a quality boat that the customer has designed along with our professional in-house staff."

- Joe Sharpe

Date Founded: 1997

Location: Somerset, Ky.

What is your best selling model or floor plan? 85' by 18'

Smallest houseboat built to date? 55' by 16'

Largest houseboat built to date? 117' by 20'

Hull Design: Aluminum Mono Hull

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intercoastal

Is in-house transportation available? Yes

Is an in-house interior designer available? Yes

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