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Skipper Manufacturing LLC, doing business as SkipperLiner, recently acquired the rights to the assets formerly owned by SkipperLiner Industries Inc. The Wisconsin-based builder will continue the production of United States Coast Guard-certified passenger vessels, workboats and pleasure craft with Jeb Griffith as the new owner.

SkipperLiner offers a sophisticated style of manufacturing called Total Custom Design that combines a sleek exterior profile, advanced marine architecture and dynamic hull performance criteria into a design that is second to none.

This manufacturer with its talented custom metal fabrication team can build the entire houseboat out of metal combining elements of steel and/or aluminum to create a distinctive design while improving product quality and resale value.

Taking the term "custom" to a different level, SkipperLiner understands your boating lifestyle needs are unique and distinguishes itself as a true custom ship builder, offering a unique look that translates through the entire construction process. Factory cabinets are made in a factory and have a brand name. Custom cabinets are just that; custom and SkipperLiner's yacht-style cabinetry line is made in the same cabinet shop that yacht builders such as Carver and Cruisers use in Wisconsin. It allows this builder to maximize space and design with cool, one-of-a-kind features.

Date Founded: 1971

Location: La Crosse, Wis.

Best-selling model or floor plan: Custom

Smallest houseboat built to date: 32'

Largest houseboat built to date: 85' (148' commercial yacht)

Hull Design: Displacement, Semi Displacement and Planning

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intercoastal

In-house transportation available: No

In-house interior designer available: Yes

"SkipperLiner offers the client an ability to fully customize, exceeding their unique needs. As a leading builder of USCG certified passenger vessels, SkipperLiner provides the sleek styling with unmatched stout construction required for commercial crafts."

- Rob McMahon

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