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Sleek modern designs bred from the beautiful lines of ocean-going yachts are the first indication that there is something different about a Stardust. As you look deeper, you will find different electrical systems, wall systems, hull designs, railing systems and an entirely different level of finish. Constantly innovating, every boat has some new innovation that is moving to more of a yacht-like vessel.

Stardust houseboats have their own unique-looking style that can be instantly recognized from a distance. These Stardust houseboats turn heads wherever you go because of their beautiful shape and design. The Kentucky manufacturer has been designing and building custom houseboats for over four decades, delivering over 1,500 custom-designed houseboats. While they look more expensive, Stardust reps say they can compete with any manufacturer for any price range of boat.

Date Founded: 1965

Location: Monticello, Ky.

Best-selling model or floor plan: 95' Custom

Smallest houseboat built to date: 40'

Largest houseboat built to date: 125' two story

Hull Design: Standard Barge Hulls, Catamaran Hulls, V-Hulls and a new Hybrid Hull

Water Application: Lakes, Rivers and Intercoastal

In-house transportation available: Yes

In-house interior designer available: Yes

"Stardust Cruisers are known by their sleek outward appearance and innovative features both interior and exterior. Always the leader in houseboat innovation."

- John Gregory

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