3 Things You Should Know About Working for Nolan Bio Labs

Published in the March 2012 Issue March 2012 Feature essica Wall, VP of Sales and Marketing


Our BacTANK T3 products use a non-pathogenic bacteria to break down wastes as well as fats, oils and greases without the need for harsh chemicals. Our "bugs" remove waste, build up and odors that cause bad bacteria growth without damaging tanks, lines, the customer or the environment. Nolan Bio Labs was green before green was cool.



Waste degrading stinks. Sounds silly, but it's true. You must treat your tanks with the right microbes in order to gain control of the waste and odors. Harsh chemicals can damage lines and tanks and allow odors to permeate throughout the boat. There is a safe solution that works!



Over a decade ago, our president, Barbara Nolan, needed an odor solution for her houseboat holding tank. After trying everything on the market without success and learning about the carcinogenic properties of many harsh chemicals, she decided to create her own formula. With a background in microbiology and chemistry, she developed the BacTANK T3 line and worked diligently to educate other boat owners. Our customers have also helped grow our business by word of mouth. So many boaters deal with tank and odor issues that when they find something that works they just have to tell a neighbor!


BacTANK T3 / www.bactankt3.com

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