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5 things you should know about the cornhole business

April 2012 Feature John and Ellen Evans of Boardz N' Bagz


Starting the company was totally an accident. We made ourselves a cornhole set for a Fourth of July party we were having; we just sewed up the bags using a machine we already had for making boat covers (another business we have). Then out of nowhere, everyone was asking for us to make them a set, and the rest is history!


The biggest challenge really is keeping up with the demand. Our daughter Angel is the one that really keeps us going. In the beginning, we did not know how to be efficient and produce bags fast, but now we have everything down pat and can produce a quality product in a timely manner.


I wish we had known the ins and outs of the Internet business from the beginning. It took a while to get the website how it is today.


Most things people buy, they have to buy. It's no fun buying a washer, dryer, paint for your home, flooring, car repairs, groceries, etc. But when people come in to buy a cornhole set, they are so excited to order it, design it and most of all play on it! I am overjoyed each day that I see how happy my customers are with their purchase.


The weirdest boards we did had pirate symbols, skulls, drippy blood, knives, etc. It was kind of dark for sure.


Each time we have been a part of the Houseboat Expo, it's been wonderful. The Houseboat staff is a pleasure to work with and the clientele at the Expo is fabulous. The first one we did was by far the best, but we have been pleased each year. We certainly enjoy the opportunity to run the tournament, and we know this adds a lot of fun to the Expo experience!

To contact Boardz N' Bagz, visit or call 502-558-5609.

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