Safety Turtle

Published in the May 2012 Issue May 2012 Feature

Safety Turtle SOSThe Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm is one product many houseboaters have come to depend on for their younger children. Simply explained, the Safety Turtle system includes a mobile bracelet in the shape of a turtle that the child wears, as well as a base station. A loud alarm instantly sounds on the base station if the "turtle" is immersed in water. The alarm will continue until it is reset, and the battery life on the bracelet is three to four years, giving you an additional layer of protection for your children for multiple boating seasons. The Safety Turtle works in any body of fresh water, giving it multiple areas of use. Use in salt water requires additional precautions.

Recently the Safety Turtle SOS, a version of the Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm was adapted for workplace, marine, lifeguard and aquatic physiotherapy use by adults. While activating within one second of complete immersion, Safety Turtle SOS will not false alarm due to heavy, prolonged rain/splash that characterizes marine and some outdoor work environments. Safety Turtle SOS is not recommended for young children.

Safety Turtle

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