Julie Johnston

Houseboater of the Week

June 2012 Feature

Welcome Julie Johnston to the houseboating world! Julie is brand new to houseboating. She just bought her first houseboat in December 2011. She began her love affair with boats after working part time on the Watts Bar Belle, a split wheel paddleboat. She obtained her Coast Guard Certification as a 1st Mate, and never looked back.

 For almost four years, Julie looked for the perfect houseboat, or one that could be updated.  Her search ended on Lake Linear, where she was first introduced to the Lazy Days and loved them. She is in the Army Reserves military and got deployed to Huntsville, Alabama. Six months after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She looked at her bucket list and saw that one of her goals was to get a houseboat. She had been to Houseboat Expo's in Kentucky but didn't find anything she liked. "They all look alike, like Mercedes Benz' and BMW's." Julie wanted something different, that showed character and was unique. She did an online search and found "Lazy Summer". It was refurbished and it was love at first sight.. She also knew, that the Lazy Summer would go fast and she needed to act quickly.   She put a contract on the houseboat contingent on a Marine Survey and eyes on.  Her houseboat was transported from Georgia to Tennessee on her one year anniversary of being cancer free.

Julie docks at Blue Springs Marina on Watts Bar Lake in Ten Mile Tennessee, just off the Tennessee River. She loves being on her boat every chance she gets. "It feels like a condo, not a boat to me," says Julie.

Julie shared some big news that she is going to be changing the name of her boat to "Ser?nit?s, which is the original Latin phrase for serenity. The reason for this change is because when Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer, she would always say the Serenity Prayer every day, preparing her for the challenge ahead. the perfect name for her. Also, the previous owner of "Lazy Summer" named their new boat that.

Julie loves the marina, and the community of the marina. She is only 15 miles from her home in Kingston, Tennessee. She said, "It's like going on Holiday being on the water." She eventually wants to live on the Houseboat full time and be a liveaboard.

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