Many options, same results

June 2012 Feature By Brady L. Kay

It's true holding tank treatment comes in many different forms and it's especially true for Yara North America who manufactures the ODORLOS line of products. I stopped by the ODORLOS booth at the Houseboat Expo back in March because I was curious about all the different products that were being offered.

I was trying to figure out if there was a difference between the 40-ounce bottle and the 68-ounce one and did the 10-pack box of 4-ounce pouches do anything different than the liquid treatment? Plus what about the new EZ Pack drop ins? Were those different from the others?

The next thing I know, I'm carrying a variety bag of everything they offer. Don't judge. How else was I going to figure out if this product really works or not. Since I couldn't effectively try them all at once, I enlisted some friends on the C dock at the Walden Marina on Lake Conroe in Texas.

Turns out, it doesn't matter which version of the product you use, you really can't go wrong. Just four ounces of this concentrated formula treats 40 gallons so it all comes down to a preference and a price. With either of the liquid bottles the 4-ounces are simple to measure because of the bottle design and you just pour it in. For the dry pouches, you just open them and pour out the contents. And the drop ins-well, they're probably the easiest method because you just toss it all in with nothing to open.

Each different method effectively and completely eliminated the holding tank odors without the use of harsh perfumes. I had a chance to follow up with my "volunteer testers" and was please to hear that ODORLOS also breaks down waste/tissue, prevents clogs and even lubricates valves. The non-staining formula is 100 percent biodegradable and it contains no formaldehyde.    

"This past weekend I cleaned out the holding tank and it was remarkable how long the ODORLOS chemical held up without odors," says houseboater Tom Clark. "It doesn't have an overpowering floral, musk, tropical or fruit smell, but instead neutralizes the bad odors. This is a very good product."

Depending on the retailer, the 10-pack ranges in price from $16 to $21, while the 40-ounce bottle ranges from $15 to $20. The 68-ounce bottle sells between $24 and $26. As for the EZ Pack drop ins, which work great because you don't have to open any individual packages, you just drop them in. The retail price ranges from $15 to $19 depending on where you buy it from. For more information visit www.odorlos.com.

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