Debby and Eric Hall

Houseboater of the Week

July 2012 Feature

Debby and Eric Hall have been houseboating for twelve years with friends and finally decided to purchase their own houseboat March 3rd of this year. Over the years they have always wanted a place to go that would be fun to take their kids and grandkids to and make many memories at. They always would go to the Carolinas beach for years and thought about getting a place there but it was too far away and it didn't workout. Instead they were looking at cottages in the Lake Cumberland area but realized they wanted to be on the water so Eric was looking online and found and decided to go with a houseboat, and to that day they have never once regretted that decision.

They bought a Conley Bottom rental boat that is a Horizon and is 17'. It is a four bedroom boat with all queen size beds so they can accommodate lots of family and friends. It also has two full baths and a cuddy with a sink and mirror. They thoroughly love their party deck on top which half of it is covered, and has a fly bridge. "It is a perfect because it is large enough for everyone who comes to hangout," mentions Debby. Their favorite thing about houseboating is being on the water, Conley Bottom, and their friends they have met at the dock. Their boat is an old Conley Bottom rental boat which they decided to keep its red, blue, and white stripes but add even more stripes. Their boat's name is "CaptainbigE" which is a nickname that a coworker at Eric's work gave him and since then it has stuck. He has a baseball hat with the name and that is what Eric wanted to name the boat. Their daughter even designed the logo for the boat.

They love how Conley Bottom is only three and a half hours away from their hometown of Milford by Cincinnati so they have been on the boat every weekend since March. "I think we've only missed one weekend," says Debby. Since they are new to houseboating they have been in a cove five times and the rest of the time they are on the slip.


Their favorite meal to cook on CaptainbigE is grilled salmon and veggies. Eric loves to grill some pancakes and bacon which makes for a great morning on the cove.

They enjoy having company on their boat and have had lots since they got the boat. Their dear friends who got them into houseboating in Jamestown were their first guests on their boat and helped them learn to drive it and other things you don't think of when houseboating. Since Debby is a teacher she has had several of her teaching friends and their spouses come on the houseboat for a weekend as well. Debby and Eric have two kids a son who is at Columbus State and a daughter who also lives in Columbus and is married and has a little one year old who have been out to the houseboat a couple times. Eric's sister and her kids who have been living in Japan are there for the summer and have been houseboating many times with them. Debby's mom who has had a stroke and is in a wheelchair has been out twice already!

"I love houseboating. I could stay out all summer but I know I got to come back for family occasionally too," Debby comments. Besides houseboating another fun thing we like to do which is close to Conley Bottom is go to this new winery that has just opened up. It is only ten minutes away from Conley Bottom. Whenever Eric and Debby have friends or family they always take them to this winery. Norrie is the owner, and Debby has scheduled many private tastings for her friends and family.

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