Kevin Stewart

Houseboater of the Week

July 2012 Feature

Kevin and his wife Terri Stewart have been houseboating since 2007, and have enjoyed every minute of it. They love the friends that they have made from around the country, especially Jim and Cherie Stansbury and Denny and Sandy Thayer. "We're all family and all take care of each other," said Kevin. They all have pontoons that they tie up next to their houseboats to make their own little side porches like on a house. That is one of the many small fun things they do together.

 Kevin and Terri bought their first houseboat in 1998 which was an '84 Sumerset. They always wanted to upgrade and the Thayer's happened to call at the perfect time wanting to sell their 1998 Lakeview. They named the boat "Going Down for the First Time" because Kevin and Terri both agreed that they weren't going to get married again.

 The Stewart's live in Somerset which is only a twenty minute drive to Conley Bottom on Lake Cumberland. They have a great vacation home which is right there which makes them very lucky. They love the atmosphere at Conley Bottom and how the boats are all parallel so they have a perfect view of the lake and a pier right between them.

 Kevin loves to cook pork tenderloin, which he has his own special marinade for. He also makes homemade baked beans with molasses, sausage and barbecue sauce and homemade coleslaw. Kevin is one of the few people that spends 95 percent of his time at the dock with cable TV than on the lake.

 Kevin and Terri's five year old grandson Tedi from Ethiopia, loves coming to the lake since he had never seen something like that before and spending time with his grandpa Kevin. He and his wife consider houseboating one of the greatest family activities and something they will continue to do for the rest of their lives.

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