Zack Miller

Houseboater of the Week

July 2012 Feature

Zack Miller is very new to houseboating. He has been houseboating a couple times with friends for with friends but just bought his first boat from houseboatsbuyterry a month ago. He bought his houseboat from Terry because of the great boat selection she had and how helpful she was in the process. "Being that I live in North Carolina, I had to have my boat brought down from Kentucky. Terry was a lot of help since I couldn't be there to make sure everything was on schedule," says Zack

When Zack was looking for a houseboat he wanted as much deck space as he could and a very open and roomy cabin. "With my boat I got both," Zack comments. His boat is a 1968 Seagoing and is 14'. It has one open room and is like his own little studio apartment. It has all the basic amenities you would need. He enjoys the deck space that is very open. Zack loves driving his boat, and not having to worry about going anywhere fast.

The thing he loves most about houseboating is never having to leave the water. He has a fishing boat that he takes out but loves being on his houseboat to relax. He is at his houseboat three days a week, which makes it easy since he's in Charlotte which is only twenty minutes away from the dock. He docks at Vineyard Point in North Carolina on Lake Norman. "I enjoy vineyard point because it is close to my house, it is in an excellent area of Cornelius, North Carolina. The boat's name is the Entertainer which was the previous name on the boat. Zack left it on there because he felt like it fit perfectly on Lake Norman and the boat is made to entertain.

Zack works for the #48 team in Nascar as a technician for Jimmy Johnson. Zack spends half of his time on the dock and half of his time on the lake. Zack's favorite meal to cook on the houseboat is carne asada tacos with a side of salsa and rice.

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