How We Got Our Name

Stories behind the boat names

Published in the September 2012 Issue September 2012 Feature

Fat TuesdayFat Tuesday

We have been houseboating for 15 years. Our first boat was named Blue Monday because we were blue on Monday going back to reality each week. When we sold Blue Monday and bought a bigger boat, we struggled naming the new one.

One day my co-worker asked what the name of our boat was and I explained we were at a loss for a new name. He simply said Fat Tuesday. It happened to be Fat Tuesday that day and the Fat Tuesdayname fit perfectly. The boat is bigger, fatter and every day it feels like Fat Tuesday as we eat, drink and have fun with friends. We currently adopted the MardiGras theme with new green, purple and gold paint, and pass out beaded necklaces to all our fellow guests. The "day" theme has already inspired our next boat name: Hump Day.

Heidi and Marc Salava
Fremont, Wis.


Prior EngagementPrior Engagement

My girlfriend of five years wanted nothing more than a marriage proposal and an engagement ring. What she got instead was a 1972, 36-foot Gibson fixer upper. Fortunately for me she comes from a houseboating family, so she enjoyed the gift. We love spending quality time together `floatin' and boatin' around the Cincinnati, Ohio riverfront. I'm sure wedding bells are in our future but for now we're too busy for all that stuff. We've got a Prior Engagement.

Mike Vasseur
Erlanger, Ky.

Do you have a story behind your boat name that you'd like to share? Drop us an email at; we'd love to hear it.

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